Thursday, June 2, 2011

Game 55: Timely hitting gets Timmy out of a jam, Giants in 7-5

I like it when Timmy has tough luck and the boys get him out of a jam.

Despite an 0 for 6 from their back up 3rd baseman Miggy, the Giants answered all 5 runs that the Cardinals put up with a 9th inning, 2 out, game tying Nate Schierholtz single after Manny Burriss stole second to put himself in scoring position.

Then, Nate the Great knocks in Fred with an 11th inning single to put the Giants up for good.

Timmy looked pretty good, he had a few tough innings and coughed up a lead int he 7th, but he deserves an off night.  The Giants made it a point to pull him out of the fire, and got to the Cards' perfect closer in the 9th.

When Sandoval comes back, and hoping that Nate can pull off a .270 avg with 15 ding dongs this year, the Giants might have a shot.

The boys have at least a split in a big series and keep pace with the first place WTF D-Backs.

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