Sunday, May 22, 2011

Game 46: Another walk-off win, Giants sweep A's with 5-4 win in 12

A rant:  Jeremy Affeldt and Bruce Bochy must have a very special relationship.  How else can you explain Jonathan Sanchez's removal from a game where he only had one truly stressful inning and only went to 6.  1 out, nobody on, B6 inning -- there's no reason to PH for a guy that's only thrown 100 and has only given up 1 run.

Let your pitchers go 7 innings, McFly; unless you've got a guy on third.  Seriously, if you're clinging to a 1 run lead, is Sanchez or Affeldt the guy you go with?  No to mention the fact that Sanchez has been hitting doubles lately.

Negatives over, now let's talk about how sweet it is to sweep the A's again.  Oh, and BTW, your Colorado Rockies dropped all 3 to Milwaukee.  For those keeping track, your boys in black are now 3.5 up.

Not to say that I'm counting my chicks before their eggs have hatched, but I do like the little bit of pulling away.  The Giants MO has been to streak at home and stumble on the road.  But, a .500 record on the road ain't so bad when you've got 9 consecutive wins at home (three sweeps against the best teams of late to sweep: LA, Colorado, and Oaktown).

All kidding aside, the A's outfielders have been awfully impressive this series.  Too bad they can't hit, but they are a fantastic defensive team, and they'll be a force to reckon with should they make it to the playoffs.

Their starters were nasty too.  Couldn't say as much about their bullpen, if the Giants were a better offensive team, they would've scored a lot more than they did.  You give up 4 runs to SF, that's like giving up 8 to Philly or the Yankees.

just sayin


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Game 45: Timmy kicks ass and takes names, Giants win 3-0

Timmy pitched the best damn game I've ever seen him toss, and he only had 6 K's.

Complete game, 133 pitches, 3 hits, 0 BB.  At one point, he retired 21 straight.

It was a 1-0 game all the way until the B8 when they opened up a can of ass whoop with a 2 run splurge.

The Giants are the only team that can make a 1-0 lead feel like a 7-0 lead -- especially at home. 

Not top shit on anything, b ut 10 hits only led to 3 runs, and a 1 for 10 with RISP.  But, I mean jeez, they're 2.5 games up (Rockies lost again), 3rd best record in the NL, and the least amount of runs scored.


Early standings watching

Just saying

Game 44: Voges is for reelzies, Huff smacks single in 10th, Giants pull out win 2-1

Why do the Giants need to fear a good pitcher?  They only need to score a couple anyways.

In fact, they were up 1-0 after the 1st despite being hitless until the 4th.

Defensively they play more crisply @ home, which shows just how good their pitching is because they utilize the fielders. I listened a bit on the radio and watched the last couple innings, then I caught up with Extra Baggs and on -- but I'm going to have to start watching more as if seems that Nate the great and Fred Sanchez are spinning fantastic defensive seasons.  I saw Nate spear a screamer to the right field corner to keep the A's down in the 9th, but I missed it when he gunned down Willingham @ 3rd on a hit and run.

Fred helped Voges out in a jam, with the bases loaded and 0 out, Fred dove for a ball in the hole and started a double play on speedy Coco Crisp.

Voges is for real and that's no joke.  6 strong, good command, got out of jams with Ks and double plays.  He stared down the AL's best pitcher and didn't blink.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Homestand Preview: 6 Consecutive Pitching Duels

A's bring a sub 3 ERA through town, Marlins start 2 out of 3 skyscrapers.

Giants are 1/2 game up over the Rockies and the Rockies' next 7 games are vs the middle-of-the-pack Brewers and the bottom-of-the-barrel D-Backs.  So, The giants at home should be aiming at 4 wins out of 6 games.  A .500 record is perfectly adequate, but their at home, and 3-3 @ home should be considered failure.

Upcoming: 3 vs Oakland

The A's are going to throw 3 sub-3.5 ERAs at the Giants this weekend.
The Giants are goinmg to be throwing 3 sub 3.75 ERAs at the A's.

This series will more than likely be 3 low scoring, tight games.  When nboth teams are good, the advantages go to the home team.

If the Giants go 5-1 over the 6 cross-Bay games, that would even the all-time series at 43-43.

I'd like to see that.

But for now, I'll settle for 2 wins in SF.  I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop with Vogelsong, as well as Cahill.  But, never let it be said that the Giants will be the first team to get to a 1.8 ERA pitcher.  So, unless the Giants c an scratch 1 run out of Cahill (unlikely) and Vogelsong can hold the A's to 1 or 2 (maybe) and the Giants can get to the bullpen, Cahill will probably shut them down.

A win in game 1 will be nice, but not expected.

Considering Timmy is under .500 and pitching at home,I give him the edge in game 2 vs. Brett Anderson.

That should make Sanchie's start the rubber match.  Oooh, not a fun place for Sanchez to be, but he's been showing better of late.  Unless he's pitching a 2 hit shut out or better, I'd be surprised if Boche let's him star the 8th again, but who knows?

The Giants and the A's are totally light hitting, numbers-wise, but the Giants have been scoring runs lately and Buster is starting to put a little stank on the ball.  Plus, they're good at home, so hopefully they can get to Gio Gonzalez a bit on Sunday and get to the bullpen.

Game 43: Maddy notches a win (finally), Giants sweep set @ LA, win 3-1

WAtched the game early on, then caught the dots on in the last inning.

Maddy looked good.  Giants went up 1-0 on a Fontenot double after a Posey lead off double int he 2nd (it should be noted that Poset hit a lead off double, and 2 outs later Fontenot hit his RBI double).

After that I knew Maddy had the game and only cast glances towards the game and score.

Weezy made it interesting by comign in with 2 outs, one on, and walked the next 2 guys.  But, you know, while it makes me uncomforatable, I don't see these things as warning signs.  Mattingly, Dodgers skipper, threw two lefties @ Weezy (which he walked) and Weeze got the 3rd out on righty Jamie Carroll.  He akways does that.

Of course, Carroll hit a laser to right that Schierholtz only caught because he was playing shallow, but still.

Quietly, Miguel Tejada is pulling his average up.  Perhaps he's turning, but he's still on my list.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Game 42: Cody Ross comes through, Giants win 8-5

8 runs, only 1 extra base hit.  But that Extra Base hit was a big one.

Giants were winnig the whole time, Cainer was cruising, Bochy got cute in the 8th, and things went haywire.

Weezy is getting raked over the coals for coughing up a 3 run lead in 2 batters, and yeah, Juan Uribe's double with 2 outs in the B8 was Uribe beating Weezy, but Loney's following single was a brain fart and a half by Aubrey Huff. 

A squeaky bouncer towards first base, Huff ran past it like Fred was going to get it.  But it was quite obviously a first base play and just out of Fred's reach.  If Huffy stifled it, even if he didn't get the out @ first, he would have still kept Uribe from scoring.

Luckily, Code-Man went yard with 2 on in the T9, and Weezy walks away with his 4th win in his last 4 appearances. 

DeRo hurt his wrist without even swinging.  I've been bitching about DeRo, but you hate to see him get hurt again.  Nevertheless, at least Burriss gets a crack at the big team again.

Rowand also left.  A little more disconcerting, though, is that Weezy seems to have strained his ab or oblique again.  Still, he gutted out the last three outs while trying not to hold his side.  Extra Baggs sez that he was just rusty.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Upcoming: 2 @ LA

2 game sets are a pain in the ass.  They're like built-in splits (the last set at Colorado, however, should not be overlooked as an exception).

So, on Monday morning, I would have called a 2-2 week for the Giants.  Now, after having been swept in Denver., that means that have to go up against Kershaw and Billingsley in LA and beat them both.  Oh BTW, Giants team BA is under .240.  Oh BTW, their teams leaders in homeruns are the back up left fielder and the third baseman that's been on the DL for 3 weeks.  Oh BTW, after the Dodgers, they've face quality pitching staffs (Oakland, Florida) and 23 games in 24 days vs the NL Central and the Rockies again.

So, the goal has to be taking two in LA.  And a maybe 14 wins over those next 23 games, just to hopefully stay relevant.

Kershaw is a pain in the ass, but everyone else seems to hit him, so WTF?  Billingsley usually puts in 5 untouchable innings and then he breaks down.  The Giants have to grind counts.  They [u][b][i]HAVE TO GET TO THE BULLPEN[/u][/i][/b].

Cainer should get you 7 strong, and Bumgarner is on the precipice of win #1 (gotta come some time).  Posey wants to hit for power (he's still hitting clean-up which is a mystery to me), and Torres came back on a terror.

No RBI's is their problem right now.  The lineup is top heavy with OBP and Avg, and when you get to the black hole that is the 7-8-9 hitters, you're lucky if you got one in before someone hits into a double play.

So, freeking, frustrating,

Mark DeRosa BLAH!

I just posted this as a comment on Extra Baggs, liked it so much I thought I'd share it here:

You know what a "band joke" is?  It'sa joke that a comedian tells that only thre band laughs at.

Mark DeRosa is the band joke of baseball.

"He's so good.  Oh my God, he's great on the bench and the guys really like him and when he's on he's on."

Pffft....I have yet to see it.  Only 4 years in 15 with more than 500 ABs -- chronically injured -- last night 0 for 3 with a GDP and 5 LOB.  If he's so good on the bench, make him a coach.

That being said, he's better than Miggy -- but when Panda Bear comes back, I'd rather keep Ford than DeRo.

Game 41: Unreasonable, Giants lose 5-3

The Giants were swept in their 2 game set @ Colorado.

It is unreasonable to expect their pitchers to go out every start and protect a 3-run offensive output.  Even the best pitchers need a spell.  When your lead is always no more than 2 or 3, even one runner on base creates a high-stress situation.  Eventually, that will wear on a guy.

Whereas a pitcher with 2 Cy Young awards (Timmy) or perhaps a pitcher that is regularly deified for his professional ethic and for carrying a subpar staff for the few years before it became sublime (Cain) probably can deal with such games with a plum.  Those pitchers that are more emotionally fragile due to temperament (Sanchez), immaturity or inexperience (Bumgarner and maybe Vogelsong), or consistent scrutiny and criticism (Zito) are more apt to eventually collapse like a house of cards.

Without run support, this fantastic pitching staff is liable to fail and leave or fail and never recover.

On freaking notice:

  • Mark DeRosa (DFA today)
  • Miguel Tejada (DFA today)
  • Mike Fontenot (cannot be a regular starter)
  • Power outage (Pablo Sandoval still has the team lead in HR's, despite missing the last 3 weeks w/ injury)
  • Dan Runzler (AAA if he has options)
  • Jeremy Affeldt (less of a role, please)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Game 40: Stink lines eminate from Coors Field, Giants lose 7-4

4 double plays, a 5 run 6th inning, 0 for 5 RISP -- but at least they were 10 for 31 which is like a .330 Avg.

Giants had an off night.  No one to blame.  Timmy wasn't crisp, defensively and all.  When they're good, they seem to be timely.  When they're bad, they're all kiinds of bad.

DeRo and Miggy -- ugh.  I can't figure which is worse.  They're both a gaping, festering toilet bowl, and when they start together, it's like someone parked a pile of crap on the left side of the infield and said "Sure, the throws to first are off and the pile has no range, but anything hit right to it sticks."

At least Miggy scored a run last night.

Controversy is that Bochy left Timmy in too long.  I'm not worried.  He was due up in the T7, and he's better than any other option you have coming out except maybe Wilson if Timmy's worked 8.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Game 39: Pre Game rain dance results in weather-shortened win for Vogelsong and G-Men, 3-0

It was a dark and stormy night in the middle of May on the Northside of Chicago.  And while most of the Cubbies were thrown off by the inclimate conditions, the Giants led by Voges seemed to be right at home.

And while the Giants were not perfect (2 errors,  both by Miggy -- a-fucking-gain), and voges was not nearly as crisp as his last start (7 hits and a walk in 6 IP), he K'd 7 and he got out of every jam.

Bust got the Giants only RBI on a puddle-skipping single, the other two runs scored via error.  And, when the blues called the game while Rowand rubbed a fat drop of rain from his eye, pretty much everyone this side of Oprah's condo knew that the ball game was over.


Tweets from Game 39 #2

5-14-11 @ 4:43pm

Tweets from Game 39 #1

5-14-11 @ 4:18pm

Friday, May 13, 2011

Just happened to be poking around and I found this

Game 38: Maddy gets dicked around again, Affeldt is done, Giants lose by a bunch, 11-4

The game started promising, but the Giants are the only team that can get to the 7th batter in the lineup in the first inning and still only score one run.

Maddy gave up 3 in the 2nd, but I don't think it was his fault.  I thought he was squeezed on a 3-2 pitch to pitcher Ryan Dempster.  After that, a few consecutive hits led to 2 more runs.

The true disappointment is with Jeremy Affeldt.  Listen, I like Affeldt, he's a nice guy, but I think he's done. 

In fact, I idolize the guy for game 6 against the Phillies.  I do.  But, he is notorius for letting inherited runners score, his curve ball goes up, and when he pitches against a decent hitter, he gets rocked.

Affeldt and Runzler: I'm ready to pull the plug on them.  Their lines today (combined)

1.1IP 7H 7R 7ER 1K

Take their work out and we're in extra innings right now.

It's nice to have other lefties, but when Casilla comes back, I think we've seen the last of Runzler.  So now, the Giants are in desperate need of another leftie, otherwise they're tetheredto Affeldt, good guy though he may be.

Which brings me to another stupid point:

Bochy: you start a lefty, the Cubs lineup is geared towards facing a lefty, and then, 2 our of your 3 relievers are lefties? 

Why not throw your aresenal of right handed arms at the Cubbies?  Make Quade go to his bench or suffer a bad match up?  I mean I just look at Maddy facing righty after righty after righty -- give them a RHP for eff's sake.

Anyway, Vogelsong tomorrow.  First Saturday Night Game @ Wrigley since Andre Dawson was on the team.  hopefully it throws the northsiders off.

Game 37: B-Teamers complete sweep of D-Backs, 3-2

Giants are defintiely on a roll.  2 sweeps, a 6-0 home stand and the boys are looking good.

Hitting: they're scraping by with just enough, but that's how they do it.  A line-up with Whiteside, Schierholtz, DeRo and Miggy popped just enough hits to let Torres and Huffy come in.

Truth is Schierholtz is looking good, 3 for 4 with a double and a RBI.  Plus, Parra hit a ball that bounced off the bricks in right field, Schierholtz played it perfectly and gunned a strike to second base to cut Parra down.

Big question time:  How about an OF of Torres, Ross, and Schierholtz?  (Burrell and Rowand off the bench)

Who plays left?  Ross?  Seems reasonable.  At least until Schierholtz starts to sputter.

Bochy sat Weezy for the save, let Lopez get it.  And Cainer pitched very well, even doffed his hat.

Game 36: Finally! Tejada shows life, Giants win in comeback fashion 4-3

Miggy hit a quick-hopping ground ball into left field to start the Giants scoring in the bottom of the 4th: Posey scored and D-Back's pitcher Armando Gallaraga's shutout was broken, the score was 3-1.  In his next at bat, Miggy smacked a single-and-a-half that he stretched into a double.  Tagged up on a deep fliy to right, and scored on Andres Torres's ground rule double to give the Giants the lead 4-3.

Which they kept.

Sanchie took a few innings to get going, but eventually calmed down and was rewarded with the win after 6 strong.  He could've probably went 7, but Miggy's double pushed Bochy to pinch hit for him.

Weezy closed out his 12th save of the season, he gave up a lead off double, and walked a guy, but got out of it via K, ground ball to first base, and a very quick footed play from Andres Torres in deep left center that stole a double and got the final out.

Giants have won 5 in a row.  That's a damn streak.  And if they win this afternoon, it'll be a hot damn streak.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Game 35: Lincecum gets a no decision because Mark DeRosa Sucks, but Giants win 1-0

Lincecum gets a no decision because Mark DeRosa sucks (0 for 3, GDP, 5 LOB)

But, my man Rossi stays clutch-- he so is, walk off win.

Timmy looked no-no good.

Weezy has 3 of their 4 wins on the homestand (haha)


Monday, May 9, 2011

Upcoming: 3 vs Arizona

Giants are hot suddenly.  A sweep vs Colorado will do that to you.  Unfortunately, 3 of their top 4 batting averages are on the DL and the 4th is a pitcher, but they've been piecing it together.  Let's not forget that if their pitching keeps it close, they just need to string together 4 or 5 hits in a 7 batter inning once a game to win.

When everyone is expected to hit .275, and everyone starts off hitting .220, you know that the hits will come in a bunch.

Giants took 2 out of 3 from the D-Backs in April, and the one that they dropped shouldn't have been dropped.

This week they send a pumped up Freak, a steady Cainer, and a temperamental pitcher to the mound.  I <3 it when the top three start a series.

2 our of 3 is not necessary but expected.  A sweep would officially make it a hard core win streak, which they could continue into this next weekend Chicago, and then only need to pull a .500 record when going to Colorado and LA before coming home next next weekend.

Rossi might be starting to hit (I hope), I think Buster's almost out of his slump.  He's really hitting the ball on the screws.  I'd like to see him go deep and get a couple extra base hits on top of that to avoid a double dip slump which comes sometimes when you quite bust through a slump (Miggy's in like a quadruple dip slump aka the career-ender).

Anyways, 2 out 0f 3, but if Sanchie pulls it together, a nice little streak maybe?

Games 32, 33, and 34: Giants sweep Rockies, suddenly back in it

I admit it, by Friday I had lost a little hope.  and, as I was unable to watch the game, I kept checking the score from my cellphone and I saw

COL 2 - 0 SF B7

And I said to myself -- welp, another one bites the dust.

But some late game heroics, spurred on by the Giants' faithful, and the Giants won Friday night.


Saturday, I missed too: not much reason except that it was Mother's Day Eve and I had to go to the store, besdies that I needed a weekend  because I get really amped up when the Giants lose early and I sort of need to ease into it.

Fontenot's kicking butt, and a nice bit of situational hitting gave the Giants the walk off win.  Situational hitting is what the Giants are in desperate need of, Rowand had been the only one lighting the way, but he's coming back down to Earth.  Luckily little Mikey's picking it up.

We need Torres back.  I appreciate what Rowand has been doing, but he can't keep it up.  In fact, history suggests he's one or two diving catches from a 30 game holiday on the inactive list.

Still, the boys amped it up, and the crowd is giving back.


I listened to most of Mother's Day's game ont he radio while doing manly chores for the very pregnant woman in my life.

Vogelsong had it on, and Cody Ross looks to be coming out of the dregs.  Just int eh nick of time.  Rossi gave them an RBI single to break the scoreless tie (against Giant-killer Jorge De la Rosa), and then went big donk donk roll a rock that put them up 3-0.

I thought Vogelsong was going to scratch no-no, but he fouled one off his leg or something in his 5th inning AB, and I had a feelign that'd break it up when he went out for the 6th.

And it did, but who cares -- the guy looked great.  Got a little tired there at the end, but the energized bullpen picked them up.

Suddenly, out of the 22 of 31 road game block, the Giants are only a gam out of 1st place.  And are 5-1 vs the Rocks.


Game 31: Giants lose final game of roadie because Jonathan Sanchez fails to throw a strike, 5-2

[game occured 5/5]

So I watched the dots a bit at work, and listened a bit around the 4th inning-ish.

Sanchie, 2 quick outs, walks the 8th batter, then walks the pitcher, and gives up a 2 run triple to future Giant Jose Reyes.  That was it.  Same old story, Giants tried to mount a comeback, couldn't get anyone in (luckily, with bases loaded and 1 out in 9th, Miggy just struck out rather than GIDP'd -- but 2 double plays on the game took care of much of it).

2 for 10 with RISP, one was a single from Jonathan Sanchez, the other didn't score a run.

Fontenot went yard.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Game 30: Lincecum Rocks! Shuts down Mets, Giants clinch at least a .500 roadie and the series, win 2-0

Tim Lincecum took the entirity of the Giants organizaition last night, heaved them all onto his back and carried them across a mental, theoretical thresh hold.

An explosive outburst against a knuckleballer is one thing; but a win in a fashion that is befitting of the Giants (scrimp for a couple runs and let your Ace K 12 in 7 IP, throw in a few decent plays) is exactly the thing to right the train. 

Propers to the boys.

Timmy, BTW, in a bout 400 less games pitched, passed Christy Mathewson for most 10+ K outings by a Giant.

Uh, ha ha ha

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reyes for Wheeler/Thomas?

Mychael Urban and Eric Byres were talking possible trade for Mets SS Jose Reyes, and names they threw out as bait were Zach Wheeler and Thomas Neal.

Zach Wheeler is pitching very well in San Jose.  Maybe 2 years away still.  This Neal kid seems ok, but his numbers don;t reflect that he has much power, and I'm tired of having a good defensive outfield.  Still, Wheeler would be a nice arm in 2013 when the staff might break up because of free agency.

Neal and Rohlinger?  How about that?

Game 29: Giants finally score, right the ship a little bit, with extra innings, 7-6 win

I almost entitled this one Giants finally score, try to lose, but finally win in 10.

But I can't be that sardonic, too early in the season.  I can, however, throw my hands int he air and say, "Finally."

I got in the car just as the four run rally started in the 3rd.  Ross walked and then three consecutive hits, including Vogelsong, until Miggy ends the consecutive hit streak (of course). But at least he moved the runners up -- soft grounder to third, Miller called it, "just as good as a bunt."

Burriss in for Sanchez, got a couple of hits, scored a run.  Nate the Great hit a ding dong, and Huffy may have snapped his slump today with the game-winning home run.

Only listened to part of the game, didn't have the energy for full on torture tonight.  Just as well, Mets threw a knuckle baller up there, RA Dickey.

Talk of Jose Reyes in a trade.  Wheeler and Thomas Neal as bait?  Hmmm, food for thought, but the front office tends to be stingy at times like these.

Game 28: Three hits? That's all we got was 3 god damn hits? Schnide is a skid, Giants drop 3 out of 4 in DC, lose 2-0

Didn't watch the game again.  Thought I might be the jinx.  I'm not.

OK, Cody Ross is officially on the list.  Miggy's there too (error #5)

Giants desperately need a 3rd baseman -- Miguel Tejada needs to be DFA or traded.

Tired of this garbage.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Game 27: Giants drop one: I didn't watch, but I'm not happy 5-2

<grumble grumble>

Every year it's the same damn thing.  Two steps forward two and half steps back.

tired of wrtign the same freaking thing everyday.  I tink they gotta win out the road trip.  That's all there is to it.  If not, I'm going to start losing my enthusiasm.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Game 26: Giants close out month at .500, steal one 2-1

Giants pitching gave up 11 walks and still won the game.  Batted 0 for 5 with RSIP.  Still won.  Left 7 on base, still won.

Sanchez was typical -- only 2 hits (the only 2 hits of the game) in 5 IP.  103 pitches, 6 BB, 7 Ks, only one walk.

I wonder where this elusive sinker is.  Wish it'd show up soon.