Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Game 40: Stink lines eminate from Coors Field, Giants lose 7-4

4 double plays, a 5 run 6th inning, 0 for 5 RISP -- but at least they were 10 for 31 which is like a .330 Avg.

Giants had an off night.  No one to blame.  Timmy wasn't crisp, defensively and all.  When they're good, they seem to be timely.  When they're bad, they're all kiinds of bad.

DeRo and Miggy -- ugh.  I can't figure which is worse.  They're both a gaping, festering toilet bowl, and when they start together, it's like someone parked a pile of crap on the left side of the infield and said "Sure, the throws to first are off and the pile has no range, but anything hit right to it sticks."

At least Miggy scored a run last night.

Controversy is that Bochy left Timmy in too long.  I'm not worried.  He was due up in the T7, and he's better than any other option you have coming out except maybe Wilson if Timmy's worked 8.


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