Thursday, May 19, 2011

Game 42: Cody Ross comes through, Giants win 8-5

8 runs, only 1 extra base hit.  But that Extra Base hit was a big one.

Giants were winnig the whole time, Cainer was cruising, Bochy got cute in the 8th, and things went haywire.

Weezy is getting raked over the coals for coughing up a 3 run lead in 2 batters, and yeah, Juan Uribe's double with 2 outs in the B8 was Uribe beating Weezy, but Loney's following single was a brain fart and a half by Aubrey Huff. 

A squeaky bouncer towards first base, Huff ran past it like Fred was going to get it.  But it was quite obviously a first base play and just out of Fred's reach.  If Huffy stifled it, even if he didn't get the out @ first, he would have still kept Uribe from scoring.

Luckily, Code-Man went yard with 2 on in the T9, and Weezy walks away with his 4th win in his last 4 appearances. 

DeRo hurt his wrist without even swinging.  I've been bitching about DeRo, but you hate to see him get hurt again.  Nevertheless, at least Burriss gets a crack at the big team again.

Rowand also left.  A little more disconcerting, though, is that Weezy seems to have strained his ab or oblique again.  Still, he gutted out the last three outs while trying not to hold his side.  Extra Baggs sez that he was just rusty.


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