Thursday, May 5, 2011

Game 30: Lincecum Rocks! Shuts down Mets, Giants clinch at least a .500 roadie and the series, win 2-0

Tim Lincecum took the entirity of the Giants organizaition last night, heaved them all onto his back and carried them across a mental, theoretical thresh hold.

An explosive outburst against a knuckleballer is one thing; but a win in a fashion that is befitting of the Giants (scrimp for a couple runs and let your Ace K 12 in 7 IP, throw in a few decent plays) is exactly the thing to right the train. 

Propers to the boys.

Timmy, BTW, in a bout 400 less games pitched, passed Christy Mathewson for most 10+ K outings by a Giant.

Uh, ha ha ha

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