Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Game 29: Giants finally score, right the ship a little bit, with extra innings, 7-6 win

I almost entitled this one Giants finally score, try to lose, but finally win in 10.

But I can't be that sardonic, too early in the season.  I can, however, throw my hands int he air and say, "Finally."

I got in the car just as the four run rally started in the 3rd.  Ross walked and then three consecutive hits, including Vogelsong, until Miggy ends the consecutive hit streak (of course). But at least he moved the runners up -- soft grounder to third, Miller called it, "just as good as a bunt."

Burriss in for Sanchez, got a couple of hits, scored a run.  Nate the Great hit a ding dong, and Huffy may have snapped his slump today with the game-winning home run.

Only listened to part of the game, didn't have the energy for full on torture tonight.  Just as well, Mets threw a knuckle baller up there, RA Dickey.

Talk of Jose Reyes in a trade.  Wheeler and Thomas Neal as bait?  Hmmm, food for thought, but the front office tends to be stingy at times like these.

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