Friday, May 20, 2011

Game 43: Maddy notches a win (finally), Giants sweep set @ LA, win 3-1

WAtched the game early on, then caught the dots on in the last inning.

Maddy looked good.  Giants went up 1-0 on a Fontenot double after a Posey lead off double int he 2nd (it should be noted that Poset hit a lead off double, and 2 outs later Fontenot hit his RBI double).

After that I knew Maddy had the game and only cast glances towards the game and score.

Weezy made it interesting by comign in with 2 outs, one on, and walked the next 2 guys.  But, you know, while it makes me uncomforatable, I don't see these things as warning signs.  Mattingly, Dodgers skipper, threw two lefties @ Weezy (which he walked) and Weeze got the 3rd out on righty Jamie Carroll.  He akways does that.

Of course, Carroll hit a laser to right that Schierholtz only caught because he was playing shallow, but still.

Quietly, Miguel Tejada is pulling his average up.  Perhaps he's turning, but he's still on my list.


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