Saturday, April 30, 2011

One month review: Outfielders

There are only 3 left fielders with more errors than Pat Burrell (2), and none of them play in the National League.  But  Burrell is the only outfielder on the Giants with an error .

Defensively, the Giants outfielders are great (especially now that Huff is back in the infield [phew!])

Batting: Burrell is living up to his rep all home run and strikeout: but all of his ding dongs are solo shots.  So he's gota low RBI total, also means he's probably striking out with guys on.  He started in the .100's but lately has climbed back up to the mid-.200's, plus he's leading the club in bases on balls.

Torres went down early and that hurt, but Aaron Rowand has really stepped up.  When it counts, he gets on base. 

Cody Ross is off the DL and totally underwhelming.  Totally!  But let's not forget that he's not a NL MVP, he's an NLCS MVP -- over the course of 6 games in October he was good, but going into post, he was average.  In fact, there was talk of leaving him off the team in favor of De Jesus.

He's at 33 A Bs and still under.200, if he doesn't turn it around like by the end of this Washington series, I'd hook him inf avor of Nate the Great, who seems awfully comfy these days.

Darren Ford's up, and with DeRo on the DL, Panda on the DL, he might stay up a while.  Gothis first ML Hit today.

My calls: .265/35/95, 550 AB, < 120 Ks (batting 5th)
Actuals: .247/5/8, 10 runs, 10 BB ; .348 OBP (primarily bats 6th)

My calls: .280 and with several doubles and triples ; .280/12/60, 25 SB, 90 R, 2 Errors (batting 1st)
Actuals: .286/0/0, 1 SB, 0 errors, 8 games ; DL (bats 1st) ;

Actuals: .294/1/8, 1 SB, 23 games out of 26 ; .333  OBP (batting 1st)

Cody Ross
My Calls: 270 BA with 15 HRs, 60 runs, and 15 SBs ;
Actuals: .182/0/1, 0 SB, 9 games out of 26; primarily bats 7th

Nate Schierholtz
Actuals: .278/1/3, .444 SLG, 21 games, 36 AB

One Month Review: Infielders

The giants currently have the 13th most errors on the season with 17 and 18th best fielding percentage at .982. 

Miguel Tejada is the glaring offender in the infield, as he sports 4 errors and a .954 fielding percentage.  That places him 20th and 21st for those stats respectively amongst regular MLB shortstops currently.  It's not just the errors, though.  Miguel Tejada is not playing crisply.  Playing in the wrong position on stolen bases, shifted in properly and not getting to balls.  All messed up.

Unfortunately, Panda  Bear will miss all of May, and it looks like Miggy's going to have to stay in the lineup as the closest thing to a back up 3rd baseman.  Not promising.

Fontenot, Whiteside, and Huffy are the only regular infielders that haven't commited an error yet this seaosn (including the Burriss and Belt).  Of course, Fontenot was util in April, Whiteside is off the bench and Huffy's only been playing first for like 10 games.

The weak spot right now is the infield and that's going to be an issue.  Since Burriss is up, hopefully he can offer a little late inning support.

Belt's hitting was a disappointment.  Thinking that it's best to bring rookies up midseason rather than from opening day.  Hopefully Belt's tough enough to mature and be a force at game 60 or 70-ish.  It could be like Matt Williams.

Of course he could be like Todd Linden.

Huffy's another story.  Ugh, .202 with only 2 homers, 18 K's in 90-something at bats..  Woof.  We've finished month one, now's the time to worry.

Fred has been pulling his weight,  I'd like to see him get really hot for about 2 or 3 weeks, but he's been pretty good so far, which makes me think he's going to slump soon.

Fontenot's been playing a very good defense, and when he starts, he hits like .300.  But he's o'fer 10 as a pinch hitter.  I'd like to see him get a little more time at SS.  After all, Miggy's not hitting, and I remember that Fontenot was a regular on the Cubs.

Panda Bear has been a truly bright sot for the Giants so far this year.  He's hustling, he's hitting, he's making plays he couldn't have last year.  2011 should be the year of the Panda Bear -- I really like a .300 Pablo with appropriate power and a bit of base stealing ability.  Today it was revealed that Panda's going to be out 4-6 weeks with wrist surgery.  Wrist surgery makes me think about DeRo, and DeRo was out a whole year.

My calls: No sophomore jinx ; .295/20/90, 140 games (batting 3rd)
Actuals at 4/30: .261/4/17 ; 24 games out of 26 ; primarily batting 4th ; back-up Whiteside is 3 for 14 with a GIDP

My calls: send him to Fresno if he struggles out the gate ; .285/15/70, 500 ABs (batting 8th)
Actuals at 4/30: .192/1/4, 52 ABs ; Fresno

Fred Sanchez
My call: .290/8/60, 80 R, 160 games, 6 errors (batting 2nd)
Actuals at 4/30: .273/2/9, 25 out of 26 (none missed due to injury), 1 error ; primarily batting 2nd ; back ups are Burriss and Fontenot

My calls: .310/25/90-95 ; 60 BB, 8 errors (batting 6th)
Actuals at 4/30:  .313/5/14 ; 8 BB ; 1 errors ; primarily batting 5th ; no real back-up ; DL

My call: hope for .270 w/ 15 HRs ; .260/15/65, 12 errors (batting 7th)
Actuals at 4/30: .216/1/9, 4 errors ; primarily batting 7th or 8th ; back up is Fontenot .233/1/2 w/ 30 ABs and 0 errors in 18 games out of 26

My call: .270 <15 HRs
Actuals at 4/30: .333/0/3, 18 ABs, DL

Friday, April 29, 2011

Game 25: Frustration mounting as Giants drop a quality Lincecum start 3-0

5 hits off the bats of 4 guys.  Cody Ross hit into a double play.  Miggy played a shoddy shortstop.  Not a game goes by lately that Giants don't disappoint.  0 for 3 with RISP.

Panda Bear beat out another double play with some quick digging down to first base.

Jason Marquis looked like a damn all-star.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Game 24: A long time coming -- Vogelsong wins his first MLB game in 6 years, 5-2

Despite hitting .083 with RISP, despite grounding into 5 double plays, despite leaving 18 on base, The Giants get out of Pittsburgh with 2 out of 3 (they should've swept dammit)

Watched the dots on today because the building I work in has super secret Cobra Commander FM signal blockers in the ceiling.  Vogelsong pitched well, 8 ks in 5.2 is Lincecumian.  He only gave up a couple runs too. 

Lopez pitched another scoreless inning.  He's got a 1 ERA after 9 IP this year, and Ramirez pitched a scoreless 7th, he's also sitting at 1 and a quarter.

Weez brought his ERA down to 7.71 with 3 Ks in an uneventful 9thank god) 7th save of the year.  That puts him near the top in the NL. 

Offensively, though the boys had 10 hits, Rowand had both hits of the game (and series) with RISP, a 2 run double in the 3rd and an RBI single in the 7th. 

Panda Bear got an RBI shoudla been DP that he beat to turn into a fielder's choice.  Thank God for Camp Panda.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Game 23: God Damn Fucking Hell!

God damn fucking hell!

2-0 (and it was almost 1-0).

Madison Bumgarner finally almost gets back on the horse, and the Giants go for 0 for 6 with runner in scoring position, hit into 2 double plays -- including one to end the game with 2 on and one out (TEJADAAAAAAA!!!!!)

This always freaking happens in Pittsburgh.  0 for 17 with RISP.  OH FOR EFFIN SEVENTEEN!  OH FOR SEVENTEEN!

I am so god damn frustrated.  TOMORROW!  Tomorrow they have to win (with Ryan Voglesong on the mound by the damn way).

Rowand's coming back down to Earth.  So is Sanchez.

Looks like Buster's going to be hitting around .275 this year too, which might be his Sophomore slump. 
Huffy goes 1 for 4.  Need him to start hitting.  He's under .220.

Fact is they went against a guy that has a 10 ERA and made him look like Cy damn Young.


OK, I'm officially over Mark DeRosa now

I'm not a piler on, and I don't blame the guy, but Mark DeRosa is now on the DL.  Again.  According to Andrew Baggarly.

All due respect to the guy that was apparentlysupposed to be the guy despite the fact that he has the career that never was, but I was unenchated with the acquisitoion of DeRo last year.  Then he hits .194 and everyone sez "Oh don't worry, he just had a bad wrist."

Well, before Sabean was a World Champion GM, I was ready to rake himover the coals.  Why are we signing a guy that's over the hill with a gimpy wrist?  Why is the team doctor and training staff not seeing this?  Whether Sabes is getting bum info or ignoring it, it all rolls back up to him -- and let me tell you: this dude is a bust.  A hard core bust.

There are a few guys I'd rather have on the roster over DeRo,

Belt (though I'd like him to stay in Fresno for a bit if he's not going to start)

So, put DeRo on the shelf permanently, give him a asst bench coach job, put him on TV --whatever: just know that his career is over!

Game 22: A running Ford gets the Giants the 3-2 win in extras

Cainer pitched well.  The Giants were offensively stagnant until Darren Ford came into the game as a pinch runner for Rowand in the 8th.

He scored after going 1st to 3rd on a Fred single (that maybe 2% of the league would be able to go 1st to 3rd on) and then a Huffy sacrifice.

Then he scored after reaching on a fielder's choice, going from 1st to 3rd on a pick off over thrown, and booking it home on Fred's ground out to 2nd base (Pirates Walker fielded a ground ball, looked Ford back, through to first and that's when Ford broke for home).


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Maddy Bummy

Just found out that Boche is starting Vogelsong over Bumgarner tomorrow.

Bochy!  Not a fan of that stinkin' idea.  The Pirates have almost-terrible hitting and their pitcher will be a guy who gives up 6 runs in 5 innings.  What better way to build up the kid than to put him up against these guys?  And ont he road, where he doesn't have the pressure of Dingus McClingus from San Francisco shouting that he's a disdappointment to his family and the entire Bay Area (just a r-tard from Pitt who doesn't know who the hell he is anyway).

Come on Boche!  Give him one more!

[edit @ 4:01]


Looks like Vogelsong will start Thursday, which puts Timmy @ Friday in DC,

Upcoming: 3 @ Pittsburgh

The Giants need to get off of the hump.

Sounds like the perfect time for 3 games against Pittsburgh.

Of course, SF is notorious for dropping series in Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh can finish a season 2-160, those 2 wins would be against the Giants in Pittsburgh.

Timmy and Cainer are pitching games 1 and 3 and are going up against the Pirates best pitchers, Charlie Morton and Jeff Karstens repetitively.  These are Pitt's only 2-game winners and they both have ERAs under 4.  Morton's got a lifetime ERA close to 6, so he's due to start climbing upwards.  And Karstens has a lifetime around 5, so the same can be said for him.

The key will be to get them out early.  If Huffy can start hitting, then some of Panda Bear's, Buster's, and PAt the Bat's ding dongs might be worth more than one run.

Maddy's pitching in the 2nd game.  There's no better person ffor him to face in his funk than James McDonald, who is 0-2 with an ERA somewhere around Pluto.  Maddy needs to pitch with the lead, it seems to be where he finds strength.  Hopefully the Giants can give him a big first inning and let him cruise. 

Because Vogelsong is now in the ro-ro, he's probably not available to go relief.  This series will be important to keep the bullpen fresh.  Hopefully Bumgarner can go 6 with very little drama.

My expectation is a sweep.  But I'll settle for 2 out of 3, with one of those 2 being a Maddy Bumgarnny winny.

Road Trip Preview (East coast roadie)

Getting out of the schnide -- that's the order for this upcoming 10 game roadie on East Coast.

I would've been happy with a 6-4 roadie because I truly feel that the best a road team can usually do in a 4 gamer is 2-2 (not always the case, but usually).

But the Braves sweeping them at home threw a wrench into that stupid plan.  7-3 is the goal, and luckily, obtainable.  But, New York and Pittsburgh, regardless of how good the teams are, are always dangerous places for the Boys in Black.

Today through Thursday is a 3 game series at Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh's 10-12, 3-6 at home and on the low end of middle of the pack in hitting and pitching.  Cain and Lincecum ought to win at least 1 between them, and Maddy is going against a pitcher with worse numbers than himself tomorrow.  I thinkt he Giants should sweep, but I'lls ettle for 2 out of 3. 

I'd like to see Huffy get going, especially against a bunko bullpen.  I'd also like to see Romo get back out there tonight.

The weekend wrap around series is 4 @ the Nationals.  The Nats have the same types of numbers as the Pirates (10-11record, but 5-4 @ home).  Jason Marquis will be starting game 1 on fRiday (he's their best pitcher at 2-0 with a 3.93 ERA).  Not sure who the Giants will be putting up to start on Saturday.  Vogelsong, probably.  And then Cainer and Maddy to close out the series.

All of DC's starting pitchers are hovering somewhere between 3.5-4.1 ERA.  Looks like the hitting has been keeping the games close, but tilting against the Nats.  The Giants boppers need to be able to put up a shit ton of power in Washington's little ass field.  Burrell, Posey, Huffy, and Panda Bear will have to come in strong and pick the boys up.  3 out of 4 will officially break the slump.

Next week's Tuesday through Thursday is 3 games in New York, the bottom of the NL East.  But, they've been won 4 in a row.  Between now and then they'll be in DC and in Philly.  Best case scenario: the Mets go .500 and have no momentum coming into the series.  Worst case scenario: they sweep DC and Philly and are looking like Beasts of the East.  It'll probably be a little more towards the former than the latter.

Timmy, Sanchie, and, New York's favorite Giant, Matt Cain will be the starters.  2 out of 3 is not only within the realm of possibility, it'll be a necessity.  That'll close out this funky 22 out of 31 road game start, and get the Giants on the good side of .500.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Games19/20/21: Giants overmatched by Braves in 3 game home series; swept

Easter weekend, didn't get a chance to check in very often.

Friday's game, Maddy let it get out of hand early and once again the Giants had no ideas against Tommy Hanson.  Bumgarner gives up 4 in less than 3, walks 2 in the process.  The Giants mounted no ressure against the back end of the Braves' bullpen.  Giants lost 4-1.


Saturday's game, I only heard the first few innings on the radio, but Timmy went 3-1 to maybe every batter I heard him face.  Sometimes, either because of some umps or because of his stuff, Timmy's pitches don't hit their mark.  I think the book on him is take pitches and hope that he doesn't get the calls.  Still, he went 6.1 and left with only 3 runs on the board (Lopez let a couple other score).

Huddy was as good as he always is, pitched 8.2 strong and it only took him 113 pitches to get that far.  Cody Ross got a batting average with a 2 for 4 day and an RBI.  Pat the Bat went 3 for 4 and scored both runs that the Boys posted.  Giants lost 5-2


Sunday's game was a good one until the Giants lost.  Sanchie gave up 2 early, but Buster tied it up with a ding dong in 4th.  Then it got weird.

In the top of the 7th, Affeltd gave a 3 run jerk to Heyward (who woke up this series going 7 for 12), but the Giants rallied for 4 (the go ahead 2 off of a Rowand double) to go up 6-5.

In the top of 8, Romo threw a snapper that didn't snap to Uggla and the Braves tied it up with one swing.

Weezy came in for the 9th to hold the tie, but in the 10th, loaded the bases quickly.  Still, he got through 2 guys, and, though throwing 3 straight balls to Nate McClouth, got him to 3-2.  but McClouth punched a fast ball up the middle and that's all she wrote.


Postivies: only 2 double plays, both vs Huddy (which you'd expect), also Panda Bear's still hitting well and Pat the Bat seems to be climbing out of the Bingo batting average territory (in fact, he's at .270).

The Giants are 0-4 without Brandon Belt

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Upcoming: 3 vs Atlanta

The 2010 NLDS's first rematch will happen in San Francisco as the Braves head west for a 3 game weekend series.

Last year, the Braves were the team I afeared going into October.  For good reason.  Aside from the help of a subpar defenseman in the middle of the diamond, that series could have been vastly different than what we ended up with.

The Braves haven't been exactly setting the world on fire out of the gate, which I sort of expected considering that Bobby Cox is not at the helm.  Cox was outstanding at not only evaluating talent, but figuring out how it fit in to whatever he was doing.  His lineups and his in-game management probably gave the Braves an extra 10-15 wins every year.

This year, so far, they're 8-11, 4-6 away from home.  Their catcher, McCann, is still their best hitter: which means they are having issues.  But their best pitcher just got off the DL and he's going tonight, which means the Giants won't have to face him this weekend.

Game 1, the Giants skip over DL'd pitcher Z's spot in the ro-ro and go right to Bumgarner against Tommy Hanson.  Hanson hasn't given up more than 3 runs in any start, but he still will come in with a 1-3 record: and that one win was his last start.  Historically, against the Giants, he's been very good. 

Conversely, Maddy has been scuffling a bit lately.  However, in his last start, the D-Backs tuched him up early, but when the Giants came back and took the lead, Maddy suddlenly pitched very good.  PErhaps he's shaking the April butterflies.  Either way, the Giants will have to score early and give Maddy a bit of breath.  I'd like to see Code-Man get a batting average (he's 0 for 4) and I hope Panda Bear's back.

Game 2 may have the makings of a very good game.  Lincecum vs Tim Hudson.  Hudson has always pitched well against the Giants, but Timmy is -- well you know.  The key will be to make Huddy throw a lot of pitches, work the count, get as much as you can, and se eif you can get him out by the 5th or 6th.  Timmy will just have to pitch well.  Considering that the Braves are hitting in the .230's as a team: that shouldn't be difficult.

This should be the game that Bochy rests some guys in lieu of a fella or two who can work a count.  Schierholtz would be a good option, and Fontenot always gives good at bats, even if they don't always end well.

Game 3 will be Brandon Beachy against Jonathan Sanchez, this week coined as the moody artists of the Giants by Brian Murphy.

Sanchez has been great, and last year was wonderful against the Braves.  And while Beachy is another one of those high-losses vs low-ERA guys, the Giants have a knack for turning those guys' ERAs inside out (see D-Backs series). 

So, for this upcoming series, and mini-homestand, the Giants should get 2 out of 3.  I'd expect Sanchie to win his game, and more than likely Timmy.  That makes Maddy's game (game 1) the gravy game.

Ross at clean up?

Dammit, Ross is a fine player who had a fine post season and can play a good right field, but he's not Barry Bonds for God sakes!  Why can't we just have a normal clean up hitter that can go yard when there are guys on base?  Buster was doing a fine job, even Burrell would be ok (thought I like him hitting 6th.  Let's not go kookoo bananas over Cody Ross just because the guy hit three home runs 6 months ago!

Game 18: Cainer gets shellacked; Giants drop game 3 vs Rocks 10-2

I watched the first couple innings yesterday, saw Buster get his first RBI (he had all 2).  Then I watched as far as Cainer all but collapsing the 2nd, an inning which saw Wiggington go yard for a 3 run shot, and still didn't end, though no one else scored.

Cainer didn't have it.  He's kind of spotty at Coors Field.  And the Rocks were getitng over hteir shellshock from the furst two games.  I'd have preferred a sweep, of course.  Because a 2-1 series win means the Giants are  three back of Colorado in the standings.  A sweep would've meant only one back.

Of course, i forgot that Jorge de la Rosa is freaking Sandy Koufax against the Giants.

Oh well, to early to care about standings, and truly I was hoping for a 4-2 road trip, but expecting 3-3.

For the record, it was 4-2.

So, here we are, 18 games in with a 10-8 record.  If they 10-4 over their next 14, they'll be on pace for 100 wins and should be #1 in the MLB.

But, again, too early.

Belt officially got demoted.  He's got a good head on his shoulders, he'll be fine and he'll be back.

Oh yeah, an Cody Ross came back -- which I like -- he batted clean up, which made me go all, huh?


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Game 17: Panda Bear in streaking, Giants win game/series 6-3

Only listened to the 1st inning, but heard Panda Bear go yard to put the Boys up 4-0.

Later Huffy went deep.

Somehow the Giants are on a roll.  4 out of 5 with a chance to sweep the invincible Rockies.

Sanchie pitched 2 hit ball w/ 4 BB over 6.1, Lopez pitched a perfect inning and Weezy got his 5th save.

The Boys are clicking early.  What's more, Cainer's going tomorrow and they've got a legit shot at knocking those silly Rock Hoppers off their high perch early on.  A series win is grand, a three game sweep is the start of streak for one team and a flop for the other team.



Cody Ross coming back.  The team will actually be much better because of it (although Schierholtz last night, I dunno) --

Brandon: we'll see you later.  You'll be better off too.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Game 16: Lincecum dazzles, Shierholtz hits a ball to "Kansas", Giants win opener 8-1

Timmy goes no-no into the 7th.  He struck out 10.

Huff his a double in the first that scored Fred, Buster strikes out, then Rock pitcher Esmil Rogers walks Panda Bear to get to Pat the Bat.

We all know what's coming right?  Pat the Bat smacks a ding dong.  No surprise.  But then Nate the Great comes up and emphatically hits a ball into the 3rd deck of Coors' Field.  Bondsian in distance, magnitude, and sheer just-for-the-helluvitness.

Jon Miller said it was out towards Kansas.

My father-in-law came into town, and I feared that I had to watch a no-no out the corner of my eye.  Timmy sounded good.  I saw one inning (the 5th) and he look fabulous, making Tulowitski (Eater of mortals, shirker from Gods) look silly on low snapper that struck him out.

In fact, Timmy finished with 10 punchouts.

Schierholtz went 3 for 4 and really demanded time in the starting lineup for the time being.  I'd be surprised if we see Belt play much more in this first half of the season.

Oh well, send him down to Fresno and let him get his batting average back.

Upcoming: 3 @ Colorado

This is going to be the Giants first true test on the season, by which I mean that they are going up against a team not only expected to be their competition in the division, but also a team that could very easily dethrone them as National League and World champs.

The Rockies will host the Giants and flaunt a MLB-best 12-3 record.

Of course, they haven't had what I'd call stiff competition thusfar into the season.  A couple vs the Dodgers, a couple vs the D-Backs and Pittsburgh, New York, and Chicago.  They lead the league in saves, which suggests that the games have been close, but they're 22nd in runs allowed, which suggests that they've been outscoring opponents rather than holding them down.

Still, 1 out of 3 might be the most we can expect, however, Timmy goes in Game 1 and Cainer goes in game 3 of the series, I'd hope for two.

The Keys:

Game 3 is going to be the rubber match.  Cainer is nails versus the Rocks.  They're going to put Jhoulys Chacin, a man who is pitching out of his mind and is due for one rough go of it.  Buster's been hitting well, and Panda Bear has been stroking like a fluffer (oooh nasty).  Chacin is not much of a strike out pitcher, and that bodes well for the Giants.  But they HAVE TO STAY AWAY FROM THE DOUBLE PLAYS!

Game 1 should belong to Timmy.  The Rocks are floating their fifth starter out there, but, like everyone in their ro ro, he's been pitching out of his mind too.  I'd be very surprised ifay of their guys will get off a hit versus Timmy.

Game 2 will see Sanchie go up against Ubaldo Jimenez, fresh off of the DL.  I don't hold out much hope.  A well rested Ubaldo seems to be a bad mark for the Giants.

But stranger things have happened.

I'd say this series is Brandon Belt's last shot to stay with the big club.  And even now it may be too late. The problem is that he's not driving the ball.  Short of 12 balls hit on line drives to the gap, Belt's got little chance to keep his roster spot when Ross gets back.  Too bad too, but even his base hits are dribblers and squirters.  I think he's got to get some training on hitting a nasty curve and slider before he comes back.

Also, I hope the Giants will start checking the Waiver Wires or Trading Blocks for decent SS.  It'd be one thing if Miggy could hit regularly, but a .224 avg from a guy that leads the team in at bats shows that A) you got a dud and B) he's the only one you got there.  3 errors, and at least another 4 or 5 "suspect" plays in 15 games is not boding well for Miggy.

He seems like a nice guy though.

Game 15: Poor defense coughs up lead, cool Giants' bats give D-Backs win in extras; 6-5

It's tough to win when you can only get 6 hits in 12 innings, and your starting pitcher gives up 8 hits and 4 runs in less than 7, but a Buster Posey game-tying blast and a Panda Bear following him directly with the go ahead gave the Giants ample opportunity to win.

Unfortunately, Miguel Tejada's spotty defense led to an extended 8th inning, and the D-Backs tied it up and then won in 12.

Miggy is not impressing me.  The guy's got a decent cluthc potential, but a lot of times that clutch is making up for runs or baserunners that he gives up.  Even in cases where defense extends the inning but doesn't lead to runs-scored: the extra pitches that a pitcher has to throw gives the other team that much more exposure to the pitcher.

Giants finish with 2 out of 3 from the D-Backs, their 3rd series win in a row.  Tonight they head into Denver to play 3 vs the Rocks.  This'll be where mettle is tested.

In other news: Zito'son the DL.  Vogelsong will take his place in the ro-ro.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Game 14: Zito gets hurt just as he started making the game interesting, Giants win 5-3

Giants clinch the series with their 4th consecutive win Saturday night. 

Buster hit a 2 run ding dong in the 1st, and the Giants jumped out to an early lead.  But 2 runs is not a safe lead with Z on the mound and he promptly gave up 2 in the second (one on a Zito error).

2 batters after giving up the lead, Z lunged after a bunt back to the mound, came down funny on his right foot and sprained it.

Mota came in and pitched 1 run ball over the next 4.1.  His longest outting ever.

Offensively, the Buster dinger might have been the lone highlight, especially after they hit into 5 double play over the 5 innings that followed Buster's blast.

But Fred doubled in Rowand in the 6th to tie the game at 3, then singled in a couple runs the next inning to put the Boys up for good.

Rowand got 3 hits.  He seems to be hitting for average this year and might be making a claim to create more drama in the outfield.  (or perhaps increasing his trade value)  Rowand is 7 for his last 17 at bats in the last 4 games -- impressive enough, but then take into account that on Friday he was 0 for 5.  Thusfar, Row-Waaand is hitting .359.

Belt might be climbing out of his start-of-the-career funk.  A pinch hit last night put his average up to .217.  About 60 points higher than this time last week.

The Boys are starting to play well, get on base.  If only we could cut out the double plays -- Oh how frustrating.  I would have rather won today over yesterday, so I guess they're just going to have to sweep the D-backs in their own house.  Ha ha.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Game 13: Cainer pitches 6 strong, Panda goes yard, Giants win 5-2

Didn't watch the game tonight, checked in a bit on and listened to the bottom of the 6th on the radio.

Panda Bear went yard in the 1st, which was nice because they had a couple runners on with 2 outs.  It's nice to see the Boys clean up on a rally.

Cainer ran out of steam in the 6th, like right on top of his 100th pitch.  Got a little harry there.  Lopez and Wilson got a little drama going in the 9th too.

Looking at the box score: Tejada hit his 4th double on the year, knocked in Sandoval in the 3rd.  Posey was 2 for 4.  Cainer had another great outing.  6 IP, 4 hits 2 walks and only 1 run.  He's 2-0 with an ERA under 1.5 and he is looking good. 

Weez got save 3.

Tomorrow is the gravy game, if the Giants can pull a win, I'd expect them to sweep the series.  If not, they should still pull out the last game and take momentum in Colorado.


EDIT 10:43 p.m.

Just realized that Daniel Hudson had 10ks in 6 innings.  Sheesh, talk about major whiffage.

Upcoming: 3 @ Arizona

The Giants first non-Opening Day-related road trip will whisk them away to the magical land that they occupied not 3 weeks ago: Phoenix, Arizona.

The Giants will send Cain, Zito, and Bumgarner agaist Daniel Hudson, Joe Saunders, and Barry Enright.  Combined those 3 D-Back pitchers are 0-4, but Hudson is sporting an ERA just above 3 (the other 2 are at an eRA of 6)

Cainer should be able to handle the Zonas, even with their "best" pitcher on the mound. 

I worry about guys that have high ERAs after 2 starts because you know that they're due for a reaosnable start.

Saunders gives up baserunners, whereas Enright is a bit more stingy in that department.  I see another bullpen game in Z's future, but I see Maddy pitching a little more comfortably against a sub-par team.

Saunders will let the Giants hit, and I hope that it'll wake up Belt in that game in particular.  The Giants are going to have at least one 6, 7, or 8-run game, and I think that middle game will be the horse race.  It should also be the gravy game.

Game 3 moight be lower scoring, but I'd like to see Maddy take a 4-1 win in his pocket and go 7.

The way Panda Bear and Fred have been hitting, and with the hopes of an andres Torres return by Saturday, plus the Giants on an upswing, nothing would be better than taking a 3 game sweep into Colorado next week.  That would also put them 3 games over .500.

Road Trip Preview

Now that the season has "officially" begun, and now that there will be very few occasions for pre-game ceremonies or Sammy Hagar-worthy National Anthems, we can look at the Giants first legitimate road trip.

In-division road trips are never anything to scoff at, even if one of the locations is Phoenix versus the hapless D-Backs. 

Their first destination, Phoenix, will be a decent test for the back end of the ro-ro.  Whilst we all have enormous confidence in Cainer, Z and Bummy have been less-than-adequate in their first two starts.  And the Diamondbacks love to take all of nothing swings.  Cut down on the location mistakes, give 6 and let your lively bullpen arms blow hard cheese past the yuckadoos from Zona, the Giants should still take 2 out of 3.

The Rockies are another story.  Whereas the Dodgers came out of the gate looking to show everyone that they are actually a quality team, especially now that they're Manny-free; the Rockies have no need to prove their worth.  With a best-in-MLB 10-2 start, a 6 game winning streak, and home field advantage on their side, the Rocks are laying claim to the NL West throne.

Even with their best pitcher out for a bit, their hitting has pretty much cashed them in versus all opponents.  Tulo's got 7 dingers, this Herrerra kid's hitting .458 and the team has scored 68 runs in 12 games.

The only condolence is that their current 7-1 streak (6-0 in the last 6) comprises itself on 2 4-game series vs the Mets and the Pirates.  But, all 8 games were on the road.

The Giants will send Timmy, Sanchie, and Cainer against the Colorados, so we'll be praying for 2 ou of 3, and I foresee Cain pitching the rubber match.

Offensively, the boys are waking up, and the trip to the hot air and the thin air ought to spark Belt.  If he scuffles ont his trip, he's definitely headed back to AAA.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Game 12: Giants take 2 of 3 from Dodgers, .500 on the season, win 4-3

What a fun game. Buster got plunked twice, Bochy came out barking.

So nice to see the rivalry in mid-season form this early in the season.

Panda Bear hit the game-tying ding dong from the right side on a pitch at his hands that he would've never gotten around on a year and fifty pounds ago.

Fontenot hits the game winner.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Game 11: Long night for Lincecum, a spark from Buster and Belt, and the Giants even the series with a 5-4 comeback win

"And tonight the Giants got their closer back."

The Dodgers'  book on Lincecum is to take pitches and work him deep into counts.  Lincecum was not crisp today, but he was effective most of the way.  Still he was at 50 pitches before the 3rd inning, labored through one of those annoying innings where everybody seemed to get a base hit.  (Belt had an error)  And the Dodgers scored three.

But the Boys battled back.  Timmy bonked Uribe and a nice little game showed up on CSN Bay Area.

Buster was 3 for 4 with a couple RBI's, Panda Bear doubled in a run, Belt got a hit, a walk, and scored a run.

Plus Brian Wilson closed out a uneventful 9th inning!

This actually looked like a sane, and well-groomed baseball team.  The first non-Opening Day-with-ceremony win.  Props.

On a lighter note, they found a new way to hit into a double play: Belt strikes out as Miggy gets thrown out trying to "steal" 2nd.

Wild Thing Timmy

At 9:17, I sent this.

At 9:17 and 2 seconds Timmy hit Uribe

At 9:17 and 5 seconds I sent this

I have no issues whatsoever in plunking Uribe. 

Bochy came out and gave Timmy one more batter, Timmy got Uribe to go 0-2 right away, but the next two pitches Uribe destroyed foul, and 2 pitches after that, Timmy could nip at the corners -- gassed.  So, he took a piece of Uribe.  Either that or walk him. 

He chose to plunk him.

Timmy is destined to be a badass in the "pitches that sail" department: I for one applaud him.  Timmy's got to eventually shed this happy-go-lucky kid thing, a surly, quasi-wild thing headhunter image may get him through the next five years.  After all, he's lost a few MPH's on his fastball already, a 93 MPH fastball looks a lot faster when you think it might be coming at your batting gloves.

Oh yeah, and way to go on celebrating a Dodger at AT&T Park -- I so don't think that's cool.  I don't care if it's Willie Mays: we do not approve of Dodgers being celebrated on our field.

Tighten that Belt

So Belt has been given a small sample size now, and he's grinding.

5 for 35 over the first 10 games.  His OPS is under .500 and he's struck out almost 1/4 of his ABs (8x)

This is a significatnly dismal line.  I think that Cody Ross is still, I dunno, about a week away.  Maybe another 10 games at the most -- so this gives Belt a little time to prove his meddle.

But, the truth is, if he's still under .200 (and really, if he's under about .240) when Ross comes back, I think the smart move is to move Belt down to Fresno for a little while and let him get his numbers back up.

The concerning thing is not so much the lack of hits because sometimes the hits aren't coming.  We've all gone through a 5 for 35 spell (well, those of us who've played professional baseball ...... I've never played pro ball).  But in the first series v the Dodgers, Belt was working counts, seeing a lot of pitches and putting the ball in play.

These last 6 games, he's completely befuddled.  He's buckling on curve balls, he's swinging early on off speed stuff.  He's grinding, legitimately grinding.  Almost lunging to get the ball in play.

I think Belt needs to be patient.  And though he's faced quality pitching -- the back end of every pitching staff he's gone up against has been lackluster.  He should be at least working the bullpens, but he's not.  Not against SD, not againts the Cards, and last night he was flumoxed.

It seems unfair to demand production from a young kid in his first 10 games, but the truth is if he's not producing after all the sunshine that we the fans and they the team management has been blowing up his ass, then he's going to be down in the dumps and emtionally unstable for who knows how long.

A demotion to AAA might do the same thing, but if he can go down for 20 or 30 games, learn how to judge a curveball, and get a gawdy avg, then he might come back up in June ready to kick ass again.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Game 10: Kershaw dominates, Bumgarner flounders, Giants play like shit

It's only the 7th, but the Giants are playing like shit. 

Not a whole lot that they could do against Clayton Kershaw tonight, though.  Currently it's 6-0 and the way the Dodgers are hitting (one single after another single), it could go higher.  The Giants won't get anything going unless Kershaw gets out of the game.

Miggy's leading off, not in love with that -- especially considering the terrible terrible game that he had on opening day against this same pitcher.

Aaron Rowand is hell off the bench, but he is the shits int he lineup.  His one tiny little glimmery streak of quality at bats came over the course of about 40 games when he was leading off.  If he's got to be in the lineup: LEAD HIM OFF!

Burrell got dined twice for errors.  He looked like he was doing damn jumping jacks when he misplayed a shoulda-been base hit that turned into an olĂ© triple.

Nobody hit the ball well tonight.  Someone who needs a hit is Brandon Belt.  O'fer tonight as of the B7th, he's sitting right on .147.  When Ross comes back, I wouldn't have a problem dropping Belt for a few weeks to Fresno and letting him find a swing.

He's grinding right now, so much that he doesn't even work counts anymore.  And he's noticeably suckered on every single snapper and hook that he sees.

Only one double play, of course they only had 2 rallies.  One killed by a Fred SAnchez double play, the other killed by a  Brandon Belt strike out.

Giants Pregame: 4-11-11 vs Dodgers

Game 1 of the first Dodgers @ SF series will be the Giants gravy game in the series.

Gravy Game: A game where the edge might be nudged against your team for various reasons, so if you lose, well, that might be int he cards.  But if you win: that's gravy.

Clayton Kershaw looked like damn Doc Gooden (pre-crack) on opening day vs the Giants.  His next start vs the rockies showed that he's fallible, at least on the road, as he took the loss giving up 3 runs in 6 IP (off of 2 homers).  But he still got 8 Ks.

The Giants, to win tonight, need a few things working for them:

  1. Madison Bumgarner has to rebound off of a sloppy first start on Tuesday vs the Padres.  Kershaw is not going to give up a lot of runs, at least you can't expect him to, so Maddy's got to get rid of walks and he's got to play crisply.  I think he was a little nervous off of his first start -- Padres' home opener, 1st start of the season -- hopefully now his eyes are not so wide, and hopefully the lack of pageantry will keep him calm.
  2. Double freaking Plays are absolutely killing the Giants.  9 double plays in 9 games is something that needs to be addressed and quickly. 
  3. The Giants have left 73 runners on base in 9 games, which averages out to about 8.5 runners per game.  Their walk-off win on Saturday night, they left 17 runners on base.  In games as tight as they have been playing, situational hitting is so very important.  Some of their main guys are taking a bit to get going (Huff, Posey, Burrell has double play-itis, and Belt should be producing more).  They need more RBI's.
  4. Brian Wilson -- he's not been right since coming off the DL.  It's time for him to step up again and be the crazy, unhittable bastard that we and he know he can be.

Upcoming: 3 vs LA @ SF

Goal: 2 out of 3

Game 2 of the series is Timmy vs Billingsley which should slide in Lincecum's favor.  That means the other 2 are the rubber matches.

Game 1 offers Maddy a chance to get back on the horse after a less-than-stellar 1st start vs the Padres.  He's going against Giant-killer Clayton Kershaw, though, so Maddy's got to pitch for a 2-1 win.  I'd call this one the gravy game (meaning if they can take game 1, so much the better, but if they drop it, games 2 and 3 are easier to win anyway).

Game 3 will be Sanchez vs Lilly.  Considering that the home team tends to have a major advantage in the rivalry, and Sanchez is nails at home: this should be the Giants' game to win.

If they can score the runs.

Double plays kill rallies and the Giants have been shooting their rallies in the head regularly.  Torres still out indefinitely, but Posey and Burrell should be back in.  These guys are due.

Fred Sanchez, Miggy, and Panda Bear have been lighting it up.  Hopefully they can get a bit more help throughout.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Game 9: Throw away game allows Cards to get out of SF with one win, 6-1

Giants started their B-teamers (Fontenot, Schierholtz, Whiteside). 

Still a bit concerned that Torres is hurt, didn't check the status update since the game started, but it's not thought to be a tear only a strain of the Achilles tendon.  Not sure how much time that means.

Zito cruised with no support until the 7th.  I think 6 innings should be his cap, I'm sure I'm not the only one who is going to say this in the next 5 days.

Dodgers in town tomorrow, Giants are 4-5.  2 out of 3 (as revenge) has to be the goal, and a win tomorrow makes the Giants 5-5 after 10 games.  I'd be ok with that.

Game 8: Another walk off hit, Torres leaves the game with Achilles strain, Giants win 3-2

The Boys certainly have a flare for the dramatic. 

First in an hour long ring ceremony pregame where they literally ran aps around the ballpark, called out every player, trainer, coach, clubouse staff worker and concessionaire onto the field to get a ring.

Then, in a 2 1/2 hour game that I watched completely from My Floating Red Couch, I watched the giants squander almostevery single opportunity until the very last pitch of the game, a 3-2, 2-out slider that Ryan Franklin hung to Miguel Tejada that Tejada slapped to deep left center.  The score was 2-1 Cards, and the Gians had Posey on 2nd, Belt on 1st (pinch running for Burrell).

And even then it looked like Card centerfielder Ramus or leftfielder Johnny John "JJ" Jay might have had a beat on it.  Then the ball hit Rasmus' glove and slowly rolled out.

Ballgame (the home town official scorer called it a "double").

Cain did well.  He went 7, gave up his first two runs of the season in 6 and 7, but kept the chomping-at-the-bit Cardinals at bay.  No decision, but he didn'tdeserve a loss.

Cardspitcher Jaime Garcia was good, perfect the first time through the lineup.  9 Ks in 6 IP, pulled for offensive reasons.  Ryan Franklin is going to cost him wins this year, he might be an early new-guy-in-the-running-for-a-Cy-Young favorite.

Matt Holliday comes back today, Giants got Zito going.  But they've got two in their pocket, so a win today would be a little extra gravy.

Torres left early, hurt.  Rowand can fill in for him, but he's our only speed and  hope he's not out long.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Giants Pregame: 4-9-11 vs Cards

Giants used their whole pen in yesterday's 12 inning affair.  Once again Matt Cain's got to be the workshorse.  7-8 innings out ouf Baby Huey is essential. 

Tomorrow, Z's liable to be out early.  Bumgarner on Monday too.  So it'd be nice to get most of the pen to rest.

If Weez comes in, it should be for less than an inning's. 

Buster Buster Buster.... Gotta come out tonight.  Have to.

Win tonight avoids leaning on Zito for 2 out of 3.  Ideally, Giants go up in the middle of the game so Cain can be economic with his pitches early and relaxed in his last couple innings of work.

Game 7: That's what I'm talkin' 'bout, Giants win in extras 5-4

Dude, 4:28 I thought the last batter was coming to the plate.  I thought I'd be able to leave work as soon as this last guy gets out and Giants would win 3-2.

Of course, Brian Wilson was pitching.  And he really tries to make things exciting.

2 runs scored, Cards primed to win 4-3.  2 quick outs in the bottom of the ninth and defensive sub Aaron Rowand (playing left field!) coming up.

Rowand singles, gets to second on a wild pitch, and Panda Bear knocks him in with a base hit.

PANDA freeeeking BEAR!

Larussa pulled some tricky crap in the 11th: 5 infielders.  And a lead off Torres double turned into a really weird inning.  Torres got out in a rundown, Larussa walked bases loaded, and DeRosa gets called out on what seemed to be a suspact call.

Meanwhile the bullpen is seriously shutting down Pujols and them.  Javi Lopez did a very decent job shutting down these guys.

Bottom 12, Giants load the bases (Pujols error started it) and Rowand smacks a ball off the fence to finish the game.

Extra innings are the best, aren't they?  They totally wash away the sins of the regulation period.  After all, we forget that Sanchie had some decent stuff, but walked too many early on and was at 94 pitches after 5 innings.

Burrell and Buster hit into double plays, but at least Burrell went yard.

I hate double plays.  They kill like three innings.  Even a home run doesn't wipe away a double play (maybe a 3 run homer, but Pat the Bat only hit a solo shot).  Burrell made a *ahem* nice play (tumbling over like a water buffalo) on the warning track.


You have got to do better than that.  They should've been up by 7.  So, once again they come close to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  And this time, it's the B-team that keeps them in line (that's 2 out of their 3 wins that belong to the B-team).

I like it; it's exciting baseball.  Not particularly good baseball, but exciting baseball.

box score

Friday, April 8, 2011

25 Years Ago Today

‎25 years ago, a young punk first baseman took Nolan Ryan deep on his first MLB at bat. that fire baseman was William Nuschler Clark Jr.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Game 6: Buster goes womp ass and the Giants save a split with the Padres, 8-4

B-Weezy made a debut, went 25-ish pitches and (with a little help from Jeremy Affeldt) turned a route into a save situation.

That's all right, in an 8-1 game, one can accept a little imperfection.

It was the path to the ninth inning that shone brightly today.  Buster was 3-5, 4 RBI's and a ding dong.  Timmy threw 7 with 13 K's and only allowed 3 hits.

Huffy also came out of his shell a bit, going 3-5 with 3 RBI's and a couple doubles.

All in all, the fellas that we want to see hit hit.

Burrell was o'fer in 3 AB's, that included a K and double play.  Tejada hit into the Giants' other double play.

I hate double plays, especially early in the game, more than anything.  That is something that needs to be fixed, it was the most torturous thing about last season.

box score

A bit of a screwjie

I was in the car listening to much of the 3 innings that Maddy pitched --Jon Miller intoned that he was getting squeezed whereas umpire Marvin Hudson was calling a little more liberally for Aaron Harang's outside-black pitches.

pffft Aaron Harang

Big ups to Guillermo "My name means Weed" Mota and Ramon Ramirez.  There is absolutely no excuse for not scoring at least 3 runs v Harang, and these guys combined to pitch well enough to get wins.

Burrell is getting a bit frustrating.  Might be a good idea to sit him in the big parks or when a good bull pen kicks in.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Game 5: Giants missing big hit, drop opener of set v Padres, 3-1

You cannot reasonably expect to score when all of your base runners come with 2 outs.

That being said, the hitters will get going. And this was the Pads home opener after all.

Tomorrow, Timmy will go up v Padres' Stauffer as the Boys finish this annoying season-opening road trip.

Pffft....Aaron Harang....

Picture of the day

From the SFGATE

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fielding Question Marks

Huffy looks lost in right field. 

I mean, let's not beat around the bush -- it seems that in the Giants infinite quest for decent hitting, they've found themselves a little overrun by decent hitters and a little under run by decent fielders.

All due respect to Pat the Bat -- whom, BTW, I totally like and don't want to lose because he's our Adam Dunn -- the Giants could have saved themselves a little heart ache (and a lot of head ache) by cutting him loose in the off season and going with Belt and/or Huffy in left field.

But, again, Pat the Bat was one of three offensive bright spots in the first weekend of play (the other 2 being Panda Bear and Belt -- oh what the hell, let's say Rowand who went 3 for 6 with a ding dong and 2 runs), and we truly do need a guy smoking Marb Lights and drinking Bud Light in the dugout.

The John Daly of the Giants, if you will.

That still leaves the problem of Huffy.  OK, so, when Ross comes back, one might say we'll just put Huffy in a more "natural" position (left field) and sit the Bat. 

Well, I don't like that one bit -- you have to give Burrell 500 ABs.  That's all there is to it.  He's got to be your cleaner-upper and non-regular at bats will pretty much make him useless.

Unless you trade him.  If the Giants can move Burrell, that'll be the only logical solution -- assuming Belt plays well enough to stay in the lineup.  He only makes $1M, he's only signed for a year, it would take out thump, but if there are a couple power-hitters from AA coming to our side in the deal, that'd be just fine.

But to keep Burrell on the bench, just to bring him up in the 7th inning with the game on the line, like Giambi in Colorado, is a waste of assets and opportunities.  Burrell is still a young man, he does actually play left field competently and he's got a lot more to offer. 

So, again, what about Huffy?  I'm told Belt plays left field, can he play right?  Huffy plays first well enough, he can pick he can stretch -- ok he's right handed -- but better to have a right handed 1B than a right fielder who dives after low liners that should be singles and go for triples (I mean, Jamey Carroll?  Really?)

2 games in San Diego is not going to make matters any easier for Huff: 2 3:30 starts will beam the sun directly into his right eye, and that stubby corner could mess with him something awful.

Of course we're early, and he can accustom himself to the irregularites of his new position.  He's probably got at least 10 more games pout there.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Game 4:Two big innings blow the game/series, Giants lose 7-5

Zito is always so effin' unstable in the first inning of every start.
And, come on -- isn't it time to pull the plug on Dan Runzler?  That Marc Kroon had a like 1.8 ERA.
Also, not sure Huff is working out in right.

Giants lose the series 1-3.  Got two in San Diego, who just took 2 out of 3 from St. Louis.  Of course, they dropped the last one, and that might slow them a bit.  I'd really like to take both games in San Diego.  With Bumgarner and Timmy pitching, it should be possible.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Game 3: Freddy Sanchez leads a 10-run outburst, Giants win 10-0

First and foremost, the last time that Matt Cain allowed and earned run, my 2 1/2 year-old son only knew about 4 words.  Now, the kid speaks like and damn....speaking.....guy who know..... a lot of words.

I missed the game, had a family day to the Roaring Camp in Felton, but I kept checking in ont he ol' cell phone.

Looks like all of the old guys (led by F Sanchie) drove the bus today.  Rowand must've been chomping 'cuz he got a couple hits, scored a couple runs.  Sanchez went yard and got some other RBI's.  Tejada, batting lead off, got a couple hits, scored a couple, got a couple RBI's.  In fact, Burrell was the only starter that didn't get on base, and Belt was the only other starter without a hit (but he walked twice).

10-0, Giants score in bunches again, that was their M.O. last year, lose the one-run gmes, and score a shit-ton for the guy that tosses a shutout.

Cainer only went 6, gave up 5 hits -- I can only figure that Boche didn't want to waste him this early in the season in a route.  Personally, I believe in letting pitchers finish shut outs.....

But I'm between managerial jobs.

Like I said earlier, leaving LA with a 2-2 record would be just fine by me, Z's really gotta come through tomorrow out of the 4-hole.  I think it's a perfect place for him, v Kuroda.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Game 2: Giants now 0-2 with a 4-3 loss

Jonathan Sanchez pitched well.  Even his bad inning was nothing more than a couple legit hit and 2 screw ball choppers + a throwing error, and a beach ball that Guillermo Mota threw to Furcal.

Belt went yard for his first ever.  Big thumbs up to the kid.

Posey got a hit, scored on Belt's dinger.  But, he struck out with the bases loaded and a 3-2 count (in fact he threw a bat and hit some Dodger fan in the head (the guy was probably one of the dudes that beat up those Giants fans the night earlier).  Grannies should come with 2 outs and bases loaded.

Posey's got this wierd steadiness about him.  He's not quite clutch -- He's not unclutch: he's just as likely to get a hit in a clutch situation as he is to get a hit in an unclutch situation.

Cain goes tomorrow vs Lilly.  This should be about where the rotation depth surpasses the other pitching staffs.  Anyone can throw out a couple of really decent guys (and let's not forget Sanchez should be a #3 at best), but when your #3 guy has to go up against Matt Cain: the Giants should win.

Of course, 2 more errors tonight (J. Sanchez and Panda Bear) -- 5 in 2 games.  Put that in perspective: that's like 6% of the total errors in 162 games last year.

Still even keel.  Win 2 in a row and leave LA on a high note.

Good points, Bad points

Without beating a dead horse, and after digesting a bit, here's some of my major points of discussion from Game 1.
  • Lincecum pitched well.  And it was nice to see him take a piece of Uribe with him.  Listen, 1 unearned run, 5 h, 3 BB and 5 k's in 7 is a decent game.  He was humping the ball into 94-95 territory, and he is notoriously terrible in adrenaline games.  Except Game 5 on 11/1 and now we can add 2011 opening day.
  • Tejada -- o'fer with an error -- not going to cut it bro, you best pick it up.
  • Burrell ding dong was nice, but he fouled out with a runner on in one pitch with a runne ron int he 6th.  Would like to see him execise patience, but nothing breaks a 5 month-long slump like going yard.
  • I heard today from John Shea on Twitter:
    Stat o' the night: Dodgers threw 135 pitches, 29 to Belt. That's 21 percent to one guy. Great plate discipline by the kid.

    Absolutely flabbergasted.  Belt's got much need discipline in an unruly lineup and he's got poise in the field.  BTW, this was his first game in a very hostile environment.
  • Andres Torres, epic 12 pitch AB.  Apparently he swung at a pitch after Kuo threw 6 balls in a row.  Lead off man's got to be more patient, but Torres is an aggressive guy -- game 1, we'll cut him slack
  • Same goes for Posey.  The error was not mental, you take chances and you get burned sometimes.  Seemed like he had nerves
  • In fact, nerves is the word of the night.  2 first timers for opening day, and everyone but Burrell is new to title defense.  Tonight things should be more calm
    ('course, Sanchez is tossing, so maybe not)