Friday, April 1, 2011

Good points, Bad points

Without beating a dead horse, and after digesting a bit, here's some of my major points of discussion from Game 1.
  • Lincecum pitched well.  And it was nice to see him take a piece of Uribe with him.  Listen, 1 unearned run, 5 h, 3 BB and 5 k's in 7 is a decent game.  He was humping the ball into 94-95 territory, and he is notoriously terrible in adrenaline games.  Except Game 5 on 11/1 and now we can add 2011 opening day.
  • Tejada -- o'fer with an error -- not going to cut it bro, you best pick it up.
  • Burrell ding dong was nice, but he fouled out with a runner on in one pitch with a runne ron int he 6th.  Would like to see him execise patience, but nothing breaks a 5 month-long slump like going yard.
  • I heard today from John Shea on Twitter:
    Stat o' the night: Dodgers threw 135 pitches, 29 to Belt. That's 21 percent to one guy. Great plate discipline by the kid.

    Absolutely flabbergasted.  Belt's got much need discipline in an unruly lineup and he's got poise in the field.  BTW, this was his first game in a very hostile environment.
  • Andres Torres, epic 12 pitch AB.  Apparently he swung at a pitch after Kuo threw 6 balls in a row.  Lead off man's got to be more patient, but Torres is an aggressive guy -- game 1, we'll cut him slack
  • Same goes for Posey.  The error was not mental, you take chances and you get burned sometimes.  Seemed like he had nerves
  • In fact, nerves is the word of the night.  2 first timers for opening day, and everyone but Burrell is new to title defense.  Tonight things should be more calm
    ('course, Sanchez is tossing, so maybe not)

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