Monday, April 18, 2011

Upcoming: 3 @ Colorado

This is going to be the Giants first true test on the season, by which I mean that they are going up against a team not only expected to be their competition in the division, but also a team that could very easily dethrone them as National League and World champs.

The Rockies will host the Giants and flaunt a MLB-best 12-3 record.

Of course, they haven't had what I'd call stiff competition thusfar into the season.  A couple vs the Dodgers, a couple vs the D-Backs and Pittsburgh, New York, and Chicago.  They lead the league in saves, which suggests that the games have been close, but they're 22nd in runs allowed, which suggests that they've been outscoring opponents rather than holding them down.

Still, 1 out of 3 might be the most we can expect, however, Timmy goes in Game 1 and Cainer goes in game 3 of the series, I'd hope for two.

The Keys:

Game 3 is going to be the rubber match.  Cainer is nails versus the Rocks.  They're going to put Jhoulys Chacin, a man who is pitching out of his mind and is due for one rough go of it.  Buster's been hitting well, and Panda Bear has been stroking like a fluffer (oooh nasty).  Chacin is not much of a strike out pitcher, and that bodes well for the Giants.  But they HAVE TO STAY AWAY FROM THE DOUBLE PLAYS!

Game 1 should belong to Timmy.  The Rocks are floating their fifth starter out there, but, like everyone in their ro ro, he's been pitching out of his mind too.  I'd be very surprised ifay of their guys will get off a hit versus Timmy.

Game 2 will see Sanchie go up against Ubaldo Jimenez, fresh off of the DL.  I don't hold out much hope.  A well rested Ubaldo seems to be a bad mark for the Giants.

But stranger things have happened.

I'd say this series is Brandon Belt's last shot to stay with the big club.  And even now it may be too late. The problem is that he's not driving the ball.  Short of 12 balls hit on line drives to the gap, Belt's got little chance to keep his roster spot when Ross gets back.  Too bad too, but even his base hits are dribblers and squirters.  I think he's got to get some training on hitting a nasty curve and slider before he comes back.

Also, I hope the Giants will start checking the Waiver Wires or Trading Blocks for decent SS.  It'd be one thing if Miggy could hit regularly, but a .224 avg from a guy that leads the team in at bats shows that A) you got a dud and B) he's the only one you got there.  3 errors, and at least another 4 or 5 "suspect" plays in 15 games is not boding well for Miggy.

He seems like a nice guy though.

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