Saturday, April 9, 2011

Game 7: That's what I'm talkin' 'bout, Giants win in extras 5-4

Dude, 4:28 I thought the last batter was coming to the plate.  I thought I'd be able to leave work as soon as this last guy gets out and Giants would win 3-2.

Of course, Brian Wilson was pitching.  And he really tries to make things exciting.

2 runs scored, Cards primed to win 4-3.  2 quick outs in the bottom of the ninth and defensive sub Aaron Rowand (playing left field!) coming up.

Rowand singles, gets to second on a wild pitch, and Panda Bear knocks him in with a base hit.

PANDA freeeeking BEAR!

Larussa pulled some tricky crap in the 11th: 5 infielders.  And a lead off Torres double turned into a really weird inning.  Torres got out in a rundown, Larussa walked bases loaded, and DeRosa gets called out on what seemed to be a suspact call.

Meanwhile the bullpen is seriously shutting down Pujols and them.  Javi Lopez did a very decent job shutting down these guys.

Bottom 12, Giants load the bases (Pujols error started it) and Rowand smacks a ball off the fence to finish the game.

Extra innings are the best, aren't they?  They totally wash away the sins of the regulation period.  After all, we forget that Sanchie had some decent stuff, but walked too many early on and was at 94 pitches after 5 innings.

Burrell and Buster hit into double plays, but at least Burrell went yard.

I hate double plays.  They kill like three innings.  Even a home run doesn't wipe away a double play (maybe a 3 run homer, but Pat the Bat only hit a solo shot).  Burrell made a *ahem* nice play (tumbling over like a water buffalo) on the warning track.


You have got to do better than that.  They should've been up by 7.  So, once again they come close to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  And this time, it's the B-team that keeps them in line (that's 2 out of their 3 wins that belong to the B-team).

I like it; it's exciting baseball.  Not particularly good baseball, but exciting baseball.

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