Monday, April 11, 2011

Game 10: Kershaw dominates, Bumgarner flounders, Giants play like shit

It's only the 7th, but the Giants are playing like shit. 

Not a whole lot that they could do against Clayton Kershaw tonight, though.  Currently it's 6-0 and the way the Dodgers are hitting (one single after another single), it could go higher.  The Giants won't get anything going unless Kershaw gets out of the game.

Miggy's leading off, not in love with that -- especially considering the terrible terrible game that he had on opening day against this same pitcher.

Aaron Rowand is hell off the bench, but he is the shits int he lineup.  His one tiny little glimmery streak of quality at bats came over the course of about 40 games when he was leading off.  If he's got to be in the lineup: LEAD HIM OFF!

Burrell got dined twice for errors.  He looked like he was doing damn jumping jacks when he misplayed a shoulda-been base hit that turned into an olé triple.

Nobody hit the ball well tonight.  Someone who needs a hit is Brandon Belt.  O'fer tonight as of the B7th, he's sitting right on .147.  When Ross comes back, I wouldn't have a problem dropping Belt for a few weeks to Fresno and letting him find a swing.

He's grinding right now, so much that he doesn't even work counts anymore.  And he's noticeably suckered on every single snapper and hook that he sees.

Only one double play, of course they only had 2 rallies.  One killed by a Fred SAnchez double play, the other killed by a  Brandon Belt strike out.

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