Thursday, April 28, 2011

Game 24: A long time coming -- Vogelsong wins his first MLB game in 6 years, 5-2

Despite hitting .083 with RISP, despite grounding into 5 double plays, despite leaving 18 on base, The Giants get out of Pittsburgh with 2 out of 3 (they should've swept dammit)

Watched the dots on today because the building I work in has super secret Cobra Commander FM signal blockers in the ceiling.  Vogelsong pitched well, 8 ks in 5.2 is Lincecumian.  He only gave up a couple runs too. 

Lopez pitched another scoreless inning.  He's got a 1 ERA after 9 IP this year, and Ramirez pitched a scoreless 7th, he's also sitting at 1 and a quarter.

Weez brought his ERA down to 7.71 with 3 Ks in an uneventful 9thank god) 7th save of the year.  That puts him near the top in the NL. 

Offensively, though the boys had 10 hits, Rowand had both hits of the game (and series) with RISP, a 2 run double in the 3rd and an RBI single in the 7th. 

Panda Bear got an RBI shoudla been DP that he beat to turn into a fielder's choice.  Thank God for Camp Panda.

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