Monday, April 25, 2011

Games19/20/21: Giants overmatched by Braves in 3 game home series; swept

Easter weekend, didn't get a chance to check in very often.

Friday's game, Maddy let it get out of hand early and once again the Giants had no ideas against Tommy Hanson.  Bumgarner gives up 4 in less than 3, walks 2 in the process.  The Giants mounted no ressure against the back end of the Braves' bullpen.  Giants lost 4-1.


Saturday's game, I only heard the first few innings on the radio, but Timmy went 3-1 to maybe every batter I heard him face.  Sometimes, either because of some umps or because of his stuff, Timmy's pitches don't hit their mark.  I think the book on him is take pitches and hope that he doesn't get the calls.  Still, he went 6.1 and left with only 3 runs on the board (Lopez let a couple other score).

Huddy was as good as he always is, pitched 8.2 strong and it only took him 113 pitches to get that far.  Cody Ross got a batting average with a 2 for 4 day and an RBI.  Pat the Bat went 3 for 4 and scored both runs that the Boys posted.  Giants lost 5-2


Sunday's game was a good one until the Giants lost.  Sanchie gave up 2 early, but Buster tied it up with a ding dong in 4th.  Then it got weird.

In the top of the 7th, Affeltd gave a 3 run jerk to Heyward (who woke up this series going 7 for 12), but the Giants rallied for 4 (the go ahead 2 off of a Rowand double) to go up 6-5.

In the top of 8, Romo threw a snapper that didn't snap to Uggla and the Braves tied it up with one swing.

Weezy came in for the 9th to hold the tie, but in the 10th, loaded the bases quickly.  Still, he got through 2 guys, and, though throwing 3 straight balls to Nate McClouth, got him to 3-2.  but McClouth punched a fast ball up the middle and that's all she wrote.


Postivies: only 2 double plays, both vs Huddy (which you'd expect), also Panda Bear's still hitting well and Pat the Bat seems to be climbing out of the Bingo batting average territory (in fact, he's at .270).

The Giants are 0-4 without Brandon Belt

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