Saturday, April 30, 2011

One Month Review: Infielders

The giants currently have the 13th most errors on the season with 17 and 18th best fielding percentage at .982. 

Miguel Tejada is the glaring offender in the infield, as he sports 4 errors and a .954 fielding percentage.  That places him 20th and 21st for those stats respectively amongst regular MLB shortstops currently.  It's not just the errors, though.  Miguel Tejada is not playing crisply.  Playing in the wrong position on stolen bases, shifted in properly and not getting to balls.  All messed up.

Unfortunately, Panda  Bear will miss all of May, and it looks like Miggy's going to have to stay in the lineup as the closest thing to a back up 3rd baseman.  Not promising.

Fontenot, Whiteside, and Huffy are the only regular infielders that haven't commited an error yet this seaosn (including the Burriss and Belt).  Of course, Fontenot was util in April, Whiteside is off the bench and Huffy's only been playing first for like 10 games.

The weak spot right now is the infield and that's going to be an issue.  Since Burriss is up, hopefully he can offer a little late inning support.

Belt's hitting was a disappointment.  Thinking that it's best to bring rookies up midseason rather than from opening day.  Hopefully Belt's tough enough to mature and be a force at game 60 or 70-ish.  It could be like Matt Williams.

Of course he could be like Todd Linden.

Huffy's another story.  Ugh, .202 with only 2 homers, 18 K's in 90-something at bats..  Woof.  We've finished month one, now's the time to worry.

Fred has been pulling his weight,  I'd like to see him get really hot for about 2 or 3 weeks, but he's been pretty good so far, which makes me think he's going to slump soon.

Fontenot's been playing a very good defense, and when he starts, he hits like .300.  But he's o'fer 10 as a pinch hitter.  I'd like to see him get a little more time at SS.  After all, Miggy's not hitting, and I remember that Fontenot was a regular on the Cubs.

Panda Bear has been a truly bright sot for the Giants so far this year.  He's hustling, he's hitting, he's making plays he couldn't have last year.  2011 should be the year of the Panda Bear -- I really like a .300 Pablo with appropriate power and a bit of base stealing ability.  Today it was revealed that Panda's going to be out 4-6 weeks with wrist surgery.  Wrist surgery makes me think about DeRo, and DeRo was out a whole year.

My calls: No sophomore jinx ; .295/20/90, 140 games (batting 3rd)
Actuals at 4/30: .261/4/17 ; 24 games out of 26 ; primarily batting 4th ; back-up Whiteside is 3 for 14 with a GIDP

My calls: send him to Fresno if he struggles out the gate ; .285/15/70, 500 ABs (batting 8th)
Actuals at 4/30: .192/1/4, 52 ABs ; Fresno

Fred Sanchez
My call: .290/8/60, 80 R, 160 games, 6 errors (batting 2nd)
Actuals at 4/30: .273/2/9, 25 out of 26 (none missed due to injury), 1 error ; primarily batting 2nd ; back ups are Burriss and Fontenot

My calls: .310/25/90-95 ; 60 BB, 8 errors (batting 6th)
Actuals at 4/30:  .313/5/14 ; 8 BB ; 1 errors ; primarily batting 5th ; no real back-up ; DL

My call: hope for .270 w/ 15 HRs ; .260/15/65, 12 errors (batting 7th)
Actuals at 4/30: .216/1/9, 4 errors ; primarily batting 7th or 8th ; back up is Fontenot .233/1/2 w/ 30 ABs and 0 errors in 18 games out of 26

My call: .270 <15 HRs
Actuals at 4/30: .333/0/3, 18 ABs, DL

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