Friday, April 1, 2011

Game 2: Giants now 0-2 with a 4-3 loss

Jonathan Sanchez pitched well.  Even his bad inning was nothing more than a couple legit hit and 2 screw ball choppers + a throwing error, and a beach ball that Guillermo Mota threw to Furcal.

Belt went yard for his first ever.  Big thumbs up to the kid.

Posey got a hit, scored on Belt's dinger.  But, he struck out with the bases loaded and a 3-2 count (in fact he threw a bat and hit some Dodger fan in the head (the guy was probably one of the dudes that beat up those Giants fans the night earlier).  Grannies should come with 2 outs and bases loaded.

Posey's got this wierd steadiness about him.  He's not quite clutch -- He's not unclutch: he's just as likely to get a hit in a clutch situation as he is to get a hit in an unclutch situation.

Cain goes tomorrow vs Lilly.  This should be about where the rotation depth surpasses the other pitching staffs.  Anyone can throw out a couple of really decent guys (and let's not forget Sanchez should be a #3 at best), but when your #3 guy has to go up against Matt Cain: the Giants should win.

Of course, 2 more errors tonight (J. Sanchez and Panda Bear) -- 5 in 2 games.  Put that in perspective: that's like 6% of the total errors in 162 games last year.

Still even keel.  Win 2 in a row and leave LA on a high note.

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