Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Upcoming: 3 @ Pittsburgh

The Giants need to get off of the hump.

Sounds like the perfect time for 3 games against Pittsburgh.

Of course, SF is notorious for dropping series in Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh can finish a season 2-160, those 2 wins would be against the Giants in Pittsburgh.

Timmy and Cainer are pitching games 1 and 3 and are going up against the Pirates best pitchers, Charlie Morton and Jeff Karstens repetitively.  These are Pitt's only 2-game winners and they both have ERAs under 4.  Morton's got a lifetime ERA close to 6, so he's due to start climbing upwards.  And Karstens has a lifetime around 5, so the same can be said for him.

The key will be to get them out early.  If Huffy can start hitting, then some of Panda Bear's, Buster's, and PAt the Bat's ding dongs might be worth more than one run.

Maddy's pitching in the 2nd game.  There's no better person ffor him to face in his funk than James McDonald, who is 0-2 with an ERA somewhere around Pluto.  Maddy needs to pitch with the lead, it seems to be where he finds strength.  Hopefully the Giants can give him a big first inning and let him cruise. 

Because Vogelsong is now in the ro-ro, he's probably not available to go relief.  This series will be important to keep the bullpen fresh.  Hopefully Bumgarner can go 6 with very little drama.

My expectation is a sweep.  But I'll settle for 2 out of 3, with one of those 2 being a Maddy Bumgarnny winny.

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