Saturday, April 2, 2011

Game 3: Freddy Sanchez leads a 10-run outburst, Giants win 10-0

First and foremost, the last time that Matt Cain allowed and earned run, my 2 1/2 year-old son only knew about 4 words.  Now, the kid speaks like and damn....speaking.....guy who know..... a lot of words.

I missed the game, had a family day to the Roaring Camp in Felton, but I kept checking in ont he ol' cell phone.

Looks like all of the old guys (led by F Sanchie) drove the bus today.  Rowand must've been chomping 'cuz he got a couple hits, scored a couple runs.  Sanchez went yard and got some other RBI's.  Tejada, batting lead off, got a couple hits, scored a couple, got a couple RBI's.  In fact, Burrell was the only starter that didn't get on base, and Belt was the only other starter without a hit (but he walked twice).

10-0, Giants score in bunches again, that was their M.O. last year, lose the one-run gmes, and score a shit-ton for the guy that tosses a shutout.

Cainer only went 6, gave up 5 hits -- I can only figure that Boche didn't want to waste him this early in the season in a route.  Personally, I believe in letting pitchers finish shut outs.....

But I'm between managerial jobs.

Like I said earlier, leaving LA with a 2-2 record would be just fine by me, Z's really gotta come through tomorrow out of the 4-hole.  I think it's a perfect place for him, v Kuroda.

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