Sunday, April 17, 2011

Game 14: Zito gets hurt just as he started making the game interesting, Giants win 5-3

Giants clinch the series with their 4th consecutive win Saturday night. 

Buster hit a 2 run ding dong in the 1st, and the Giants jumped out to an early lead.  But 2 runs is not a safe lead with Z on the mound and he promptly gave up 2 in the second (one on a Zito error).

2 batters after giving up the lead, Z lunged after a bunt back to the mound, came down funny on his right foot and sprained it.

Mota came in and pitched 1 run ball over the next 4.1.  His longest outting ever.

Offensively, the Buster dinger might have been the lone highlight, especially after they hit into 5 double play over the 5 innings that followed Buster's blast.

But Fred doubled in Rowand in the 6th to tie the game at 3, then singled in a couple runs the next inning to put the Boys up for good.

Rowand got 3 hits.  He seems to be hitting for average this year and might be making a claim to create more drama in the outfield.  (or perhaps increasing his trade value)  Rowand is 7 for his last 17 at bats in the last 4 games -- impressive enough, but then take into account that on Friday he was 0 for 5.  Thusfar, Row-Waaand is hitting .359.

Belt might be climbing out of his start-of-the-career funk.  A pinch hit last night put his average up to .217.  About 60 points higher than this time last week.

The Boys are starting to play well, get on base.  If only we could cut out the double plays -- Oh how frustrating.  I would have rather won today over yesterday, so I guess they're just going to have to sweep the D-backs in their own house.  Ha ha.


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