Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Road Trip Preview (East coast roadie)

Getting out of the schnide -- that's the order for this upcoming 10 game roadie on East Coast.

I would've been happy with a 6-4 roadie because I truly feel that the best a road team can usually do in a 4 gamer is 2-2 (not always the case, but usually).

But the Braves sweeping them at home threw a wrench into that stupid plan.  7-3 is the goal, and luckily, obtainable.  But, New York and Pittsburgh, regardless of how good the teams are, are always dangerous places for the Boys in Black.

Today through Thursday is a 3 game series at Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh's 10-12, 3-6 at home and on the low end of middle of the pack in hitting and pitching.  Cain and Lincecum ought to win at least 1 between them, and Maddy is going against a pitcher with worse numbers than himself tomorrow.  I thinkt he Giants should sweep, but I'lls ettle for 2 out of 3. 

I'd like to see Huffy get going, especially against a bunko bullpen.  I'd also like to see Romo get back out there tonight.

The weekend wrap around series is 4 @ the Nationals.  The Nats have the same types of numbers as the Pirates (10-11record, but 5-4 @ home).  Jason Marquis will be starting game 1 on fRiday (he's their best pitcher at 2-0 with a 3.93 ERA).  Not sure who the Giants will be putting up to start on Saturday.  Vogelsong, probably.  And then Cainer and Maddy to close out the series.

All of DC's starting pitchers are hovering somewhere between 3.5-4.1 ERA.  Looks like the hitting has been keeping the games close, but tilting against the Nats.  The Giants boppers need to be able to put up a shit ton of power in Washington's little ass field.  Burrell, Posey, Huffy, and Panda Bear will have to come in strong and pick the boys up.  3 out of 4 will officially break the slump.

Next week's Tuesday through Thursday is 3 games in New York, the bottom of the NL East.  But, they've been won 4 in a row.  Between now and then they'll be in DC and in Philly.  Best case scenario: the Mets go .500 and have no momentum coming into the series.  Worst case scenario: they sweep DC and Philly and are looking like Beasts of the East.  It'll probably be a little more towards the former than the latter.

Timmy, Sanchie, and, New York's favorite Giant, Matt Cain will be the starters.  2 out of 3 is not only within the realm of possibility, it'll be a necessity.  That'll close out this funky 22 out of 31 road game start, and get the Giants on the good side of .500.

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