Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OK, I'm officially over Mark DeRosa now

I'm not a piler on, and I don't blame the guy, but Mark DeRosa is now on the DL.  Again.  According to Andrew Baggarly.

All due respect to the guy that was apparentlysupposed to be the guy despite the fact that he has the career that never was, but I was unenchated with the acquisitoion of DeRo last year.  Then he hits .194 and everyone sez "Oh don't worry, he just had a bad wrist."

Well, before Sabean was a World Champion GM, I was ready to rake himover the coals.  Why are we signing a guy that's over the hill with a gimpy wrist?  Why is the team doctor and training staff not seeing this?  Whether Sabes is getting bum info or ignoring it, it all rolls back up to him -- and let me tell you: this dude is a bust.  A hard core bust.

There are a few guys I'd rather have on the roster over DeRo,

Belt (though I'd like him to stay in Fresno for a bit if he's not going to start)

So, put DeRo on the shelf permanently, give him a asst bench coach job, put him on TV --whatever: just know that his career is over!

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