Monday, April 18, 2011

Game 16: Lincecum dazzles, Shierholtz hits a ball to "Kansas", Giants win opener 8-1

Timmy goes no-no into the 7th.  He struck out 10.

Huff his a double in the first that scored Fred, Buster strikes out, then Rock pitcher Esmil Rogers walks Panda Bear to get to Pat the Bat.

We all know what's coming right?  Pat the Bat smacks a ding dong.  No surprise.  But then Nate the Great comes up and emphatically hits a ball into the 3rd deck of Coors' Field.  Bondsian in distance, magnitude, and sheer just-for-the-helluvitness.

Jon Miller said it was out towards Kansas.

My father-in-law came into town, and I feared that I had to watch a no-no out the corner of my eye.  Timmy sounded good.  I saw one inning (the 5th) and he look fabulous, making Tulowitski (Eater of mortals, shirker from Gods) look silly on low snapper that struck him out.

In fact, Timmy finished with 10 punchouts.

Schierholtz went 3 for 4 and really demanded time in the starting lineup for the time being.  I'd be surprised if we see Belt play much more in this first half of the season.

Oh well, send him down to Fresno and let him get his batting average back.

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