Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wild Thing Timmy

At 9:17, I sent this.

At 9:17 and 2 seconds Timmy hit Uribe

At 9:17 and 5 seconds I sent this

I have no issues whatsoever in plunking Uribe. 

Bochy came out and gave Timmy one more batter, Timmy got Uribe to go 0-2 right away, but the next two pitches Uribe destroyed foul, and 2 pitches after that, Timmy could nip at the corners -- gassed.  So, he took a piece of Uribe.  Either that or walk him. 

He chose to plunk him.

Timmy is destined to be a badass in the "pitches that sail" department: I for one applaud him.  Timmy's got to eventually shed this happy-go-lucky kid thing, a surly, quasi-wild thing headhunter image may get him through the next five years.  After all, he's lost a few MPH's on his fastball already, a 93 MPH fastball looks a lot faster when you think it might be coming at your batting gloves.

Oh yeah, and way to go on celebrating a Dodger at AT&T Park -- I so don't think that's cool.  I don't care if it's Willie Mays: we do not approve of Dodgers being celebrated on our field.

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