Saturday, April 30, 2011

One month review: Outfielders

There are only 3 left fielders with more errors than Pat Burrell (2), and none of them play in the National League.  But  Burrell is the only outfielder on the Giants with an error .

Defensively, the Giants outfielders are great (especially now that Huff is back in the infield [phew!])

Batting: Burrell is living up to his rep all home run and strikeout: but all of his ding dongs are solo shots.  So he's gota low RBI total, also means he's probably striking out with guys on.  He started in the .100's but lately has climbed back up to the mid-.200's, plus he's leading the club in bases on balls.

Torres went down early and that hurt, but Aaron Rowand has really stepped up.  When it counts, he gets on base. 

Cody Ross is off the DL and totally underwhelming.  Totally!  But let's not forget that he's not a NL MVP, he's an NLCS MVP -- over the course of 6 games in October he was good, but going into post, he was average.  In fact, there was talk of leaving him off the team in favor of De Jesus.

He's at 33 A Bs and still under.200, if he doesn't turn it around like by the end of this Washington series, I'd hook him inf avor of Nate the Great, who seems awfully comfy these days.

Darren Ford's up, and with DeRo on the DL, Panda on the DL, he might stay up a while.  Gothis first ML Hit today.

My calls: .265/35/95, 550 AB, < 120 Ks (batting 5th)
Actuals: .247/5/8, 10 runs, 10 BB ; .348 OBP (primarily bats 6th)

My calls: .280 and with several doubles and triples ; .280/12/60, 25 SB, 90 R, 2 Errors (batting 1st)
Actuals: .286/0/0, 1 SB, 0 errors, 8 games ; DL (bats 1st) ;

Actuals: .294/1/8, 1 SB, 23 games out of 26 ; .333  OBP (batting 1st)

Cody Ross
My Calls: 270 BA with 15 HRs, 60 runs, and 15 SBs ;
Actuals: .182/0/1, 0 SB, 9 games out of 26; primarily bats 7th

Nate Schierholtz
Actuals: .278/1/3, .444 SLG, 21 games, 36 AB

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