Thursday, April 21, 2011

Game 18: Cainer gets shellacked; Giants drop game 3 vs Rocks 10-2

I watched the first couple innings yesterday, saw Buster get his first RBI (he had all 2).  Then I watched as far as Cainer all but collapsing the 2nd, an inning which saw Wiggington go yard for a 3 run shot, and still didn't end, though no one else scored.

Cainer didn't have it.  He's kind of spotty at Coors Field.  And the Rocks were getitng over hteir shellshock from the furst two games.  I'd have preferred a sweep, of course.  Because a 2-1 series win means the Giants are  three back of Colorado in the standings.  A sweep would've meant only one back.

Of course, i forgot that Jorge de la Rosa is freaking Sandy Koufax against the Giants.

Oh well, to early to care about standings, and truly I was hoping for a 4-2 road trip, but expecting 3-3.

For the record, it was 4-2.

So, here we are, 18 games in with a 10-8 record.  If they 10-4 over their next 14, they'll be on pace for 100 wins and should be #1 in the MLB.

But, again, too early.

Belt officially got demoted.  He's got a good head on his shoulders, he'll be fine and he'll be back.

Oh yeah, an Cody Ross came back -- which I like -- he batted clean up, which made me go all, huh?


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