Friday, April 15, 2011

Game 13: Cainer pitches 6 strong, Panda goes yard, Giants win 5-2

Didn't watch the game tonight, checked in a bit on and listened to the bottom of the 6th on the radio.

Panda Bear went yard in the 1st, which was nice because they had a couple runners on with 2 outs.  It's nice to see the Boys clean up on a rally.

Cainer ran out of steam in the 6th, like right on top of his 100th pitch.  Got a little harry there.  Lopez and Wilson got a little drama going in the 9th too.

Looking at the box score: Tejada hit his 4th double on the year, knocked in Sandoval in the 3rd.  Posey was 2 for 4.  Cainer had another great outing.  6 IP, 4 hits 2 walks and only 1 run.  He's 2-0 with an ERA under 1.5 and he is looking good. 

Weez got save 3.

Tomorrow is the gravy game, if the Giants can pull a win, I'd expect them to sweep the series.  If not, they should still pull out the last game and take momentum in Colorado.


EDIT 10:43 p.m.

Just realized that Daniel Hudson had 10ks in 6 innings.  Sheesh, talk about major whiffage.

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