Sunday, May 22, 2011

Game 46: Another walk-off win, Giants sweep A's with 5-4 win in 12

A rant:  Jeremy Affeldt and Bruce Bochy must have a very special relationship.  How else can you explain Jonathan Sanchez's removal from a game where he only had one truly stressful inning and only went to 6.  1 out, nobody on, B6 inning -- there's no reason to PH for a guy that's only thrown 100 and has only given up 1 run.

Let your pitchers go 7 innings, McFly; unless you've got a guy on third.  Seriously, if you're clinging to a 1 run lead, is Sanchez or Affeldt the guy you go with?  No to mention the fact that Sanchez has been hitting doubles lately.

Negatives over, now let's talk about how sweet it is to sweep the A's again.  Oh, and BTW, your Colorado Rockies dropped all 3 to Milwaukee.  For those keeping track, your boys in black are now 3.5 up.

Not to say that I'm counting my chicks before their eggs have hatched, but I do like the little bit of pulling away.  The Giants MO has been to streak at home and stumble on the road.  But, a .500 record on the road ain't so bad when you've got 9 consecutive wins at home (three sweeps against the best teams of late to sweep: LA, Colorado, and Oaktown).

All kidding aside, the A's outfielders have been awfully impressive this series.  Too bad they can't hit, but they are a fantastic defensive team, and they'll be a force to reckon with should they make it to the playoffs.

Their starters were nasty too.  Couldn't say as much about their bullpen, if the Giants were a better offensive team, they would've scored a lot more than they did.  You give up 4 runs to SF, that's like giving up 8 to Philly or the Yankees.

just sayin


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