Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Upcoming: 2 @ LA

2 game sets are a pain in the ass.  They're like built-in splits (the last set at Colorado, however, should not be overlooked as an exception).

So, on Monday morning, I would have called a 2-2 week for the Giants.  Now, after having been swept in Denver., that means that have to go up against Kershaw and Billingsley in LA and beat them both.  Oh BTW, Giants team BA is under .240.  Oh BTW, their teams leaders in homeruns are the back up left fielder and the third baseman that's been on the DL for 3 weeks.  Oh BTW, after the Dodgers, they've face quality pitching staffs (Oakland, Florida) and 23 games in 24 days vs the NL Central and the Rockies again.

So, the goal has to be taking two in LA.  And a maybe 14 wins over those next 23 games, just to hopefully stay relevant.

Kershaw is a pain in the ass, but everyone else seems to hit him, so WTF?  Billingsley usually puts in 5 untouchable innings and then he breaks down.  The Giants have to grind counts.  They [u][b][i]HAVE TO GET TO THE BULLPEN[/u][/i][/b].

Cainer should get you 7 strong, and Bumgarner is on the precipice of win #1 (gotta come some time).  Posey wants to hit for power (he's still hitting clean-up which is a mystery to me), and Torres came back on a terror.

No RBI's is their problem right now.  The lineup is top heavy with OBP and Avg, and when you get to the black hole that is the 7-8-9 hitters, you're lucky if you got one in before someone hits into a double play.

So, freeking, frustrating,

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