Monday, May 9, 2011

Games 32, 33, and 34: Giants sweep Rockies, suddenly back in it

I admit it, by Friday I had lost a little hope.  and, as I was unable to watch the game, I kept checking the score from my cellphone and I saw

COL 2 - 0 SF B7

And I said to myself -- welp, another one bites the dust.

But some late game heroics, spurred on by the Giants' faithful, and the Giants won Friday night.


Saturday, I missed too: not much reason except that it was Mother's Day Eve and I had to go to the store, besdies that I needed a weekend  because I get really amped up when the Giants lose early and I sort of need to ease into it.

Fontenot's kicking butt, and a nice bit of situational hitting gave the Giants the walk off win.  Situational hitting is what the Giants are in desperate need of, Rowand had been the only one lighting the way, but he's coming back down to Earth.  Luckily little Mikey's picking it up.

We need Torres back.  I appreciate what Rowand has been doing, but he can't keep it up.  In fact, history suggests he's one or two diving catches from a 30 game holiday on the inactive list.

Still, the boys amped it up, and the crowd is giving back.


I listened to most of Mother's Day's game ont he radio while doing manly chores for the very pregnant woman in my life.

Vogelsong had it on, and Cody Ross looks to be coming out of the dregs.  Just int eh nick of time.  Rossi gave them an RBI single to break the scoreless tie (against Giant-killer Jorge De la Rosa), and then went big donk donk roll a rock that put them up 3-0.

I thought Vogelsong was going to scratch no-no, but he fouled one off his leg or something in his 5th inning AB, and I had a feelign that'd break it up when he went out for the 6th.

And it did, but who cares -- the guy looked great.  Got a little tired there at the end, but the energized bullpen picked them up.

Suddenly, out of the 22 of 31 road game block, the Giants are only a gam out of 1st place.  And are 5-1 vs the Rocks.


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