Saturday, May 21, 2011

Game 45: Timmy kicks ass and takes names, Giants win 3-0

Timmy pitched the best damn game I've ever seen him toss, and he only had 6 K's.

Complete game, 133 pitches, 3 hits, 0 BB.  At one point, he retired 21 straight.

It was a 1-0 game all the way until the B8 when they opened up a can of ass whoop with a 2 run splurge.

The Giants are the only team that can make a 1-0 lead feel like a 7-0 lead -- especially at home. 

Not top shit on anything, b ut 10 hits only led to 3 runs, and a 1 for 10 with RISP.  But, I mean jeez, they're 2.5 games up (Rockies lost again), 3rd best record in the NL, and the least amount of runs scored.


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