Saturday, May 21, 2011

Game 44: Voges is for reelzies, Huff smacks single in 10th, Giants pull out win 2-1

Why do the Giants need to fear a good pitcher?  They only need to score a couple anyways.

In fact, they were up 1-0 after the 1st despite being hitless until the 4th.

Defensively they play more crisply @ home, which shows just how good their pitching is because they utilize the fielders. I listened a bit on the radio and watched the last couple innings, then I caught up with Extra Baggs and on -- but I'm going to have to start watching more as if seems that Nate the great and Fred Sanchez are spinning fantastic defensive seasons.  I saw Nate spear a screamer to the right field corner to keep the A's down in the 9th, but I missed it when he gunned down Willingham @ 3rd on a hit and run.

Fred helped Voges out in a jam, with the bases loaded and 0 out, Fred dove for a ball in the hole and started a double play on speedy Coco Crisp.

Voges is for real and that's no joke.  6 strong, good command, got out of jams with Ks and double plays.  He stared down the AL's best pitcher and didn't blink.


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