Monday, February 28, 2011

Cactus League: Power Surge

stolen from sfgate
Yesterday I mentioned that, in the first 2 games of Cactus League, Panda Bear's 2 errors were a tad more concerning than his 450 foot blast was encouraging.

Well, yesterday's home run (his 2nd in consecutive days) blows the 2 errors out of the water.  A trim, conditioned Panda Bear with power?  Gawd, I only hope it lasts.

I figure him to be a .270 hitter in general, but he's got too much leg bulk to sit anywhere under 20 home runs (and really, he should be above 30 for the next couple few years).  Hopefully, those two days are a portent of things to comes.

I listened a little bit, but not very closely.  Sounds like it got sloppy in the last 3 innings. 

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