Friday, February 18, 2011

Hank Aaron likes the Giants

Though he may be the grumpiest retiree in the universe, Hank Aaron (and his opinion) demands as much respect as any curmudgeon's who has lived, breathed, struggled, and survived. 

Perhaps the last great hero of the civil right movement, Aaron has played in the negro leagues, experienced baseball's stubborn and painfully slow integration, and survived racially charged death threats for years as he moved to unseat baseball's most epic legend and in the process turned baseball's classical age into an official era-gone-by.

And Aaron likes the Giants to get to the World Series again (although, I suspect he thinks the Bosox would win).

I'll tell you, a Giants-Red Sox series would be about the only thing with a shot to surpass last year's fantastical amplitude of boner-inducing explendianza [sic].

A good ol' 6 or 7 game series, 2 or three well pitched, 2 or three offensive purgings, 1 or two close ones that fall somewhere in between. 

Oooh, a pile of gray jerseys at Fenway.

I just love this video.

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