Monday, February 21, 2011

Out In Left Field

Pat Burrell
Aubrey Huff
Mark DeRosa

Nate Schierholtz
Brandon Belt

I am enamored with the Giants, and still floating on cloud 9 from the World Series

Let me say it again: The Giants are World Champions

I have gripes that have never been addressed. 

The Giants are a team composed of 2 infielders, 2 catchers, 10 pitchers, and about 730 outfielders. 

Who wants to play outfield for a World Champion?

Sort of like my Fantasy Team at the end of a season.  (Oh? Garrett Jones just played his 10th game at first base?  Hello versatility).

Just because these guys are fantastic and likeable and clinically kooky bananas in a retro-alt-SF kinda way, that doesn't mean that one should start the season with 5 left fielders on the roster and maybe 1 genuine first baseman.

My biggest problem is there are five names above representing five men that everyone thinks are just so aweosomely good in a double rainbow kinda way,  but by the end of camp someone is going to be dispalced.

  1. Pat Burrell hit 20 home runs in half a season last year.
  2. Aubrey Huff is more-than-likely the startign first baseman, and is the team's #1 hitter
  3. Mark DeRosa had a shit poor month and a half last year, but everyone says that its because he hurt his wrist.  Now he's better (and we all know how easy it is for a 36 year-old to come back from a massive wrist injury) and ready to provide the key offensive support that he's almost always supplied during his career for other teams.  Plus he hung out on the bench all last year with the team, and he showed up on Ralph and Tom a couple times so we like him.
  4. Oh Nate Schierholtz.  Great arm with flashes of greatness at the plate.  Well, flashes of goodness, anyway.
  5. Brandon Belt is the future.

Well, if Huff is your 1B and Burell/DeRosa are your LF platoon -- Schierholtz will more than likely focus more on RF -- so, who is the odd man out?

Conventionality would say that Belt will start @ AAA Fresno unless he can win a starting position.  After all, you have Travis Ishikawa to take scrub time at 1B and, as mentioned before, too many dog's drooling over the bone that is LF.
pictured: Your starting leftfielder, complete with cigarette and can of Bud Light.....classy.....Oh yeah, he's Stanford Alum.

The biggest problem is that you can't trade any of these guys to make room on the roster.  You just signed Burrell, besides -- he's your only power.  Huff is your heart.  DeRosa is a gimp.  Schierholtz might be your starting right fielder, and is definitely the late-inning defensive replacement. 

I think that Brandon Belt might have to wait for a May call-up, a la Buster Posey last year.  Realistically, if Belt is one of the 8 best hitters -- he has to be squoze in somewhere.

Bochy has a choice to make: make my job easier and settle for a not-quite-what-it-could-be team, or find a way to get Belt, Huff, and Burrell in the lineup everyday.

My giant head hurts

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