Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wane-wright: Can the Giants Trade Zito to the Cards?

Adam Wainwright is ailing.  Shut down at the end of last year, and now he will undergo Tommy John.  Season over already.

Maybe next year too.

The Cardinals are in desperate need of a pitcher.  Would they be in the market for a Barry Zito?

Well, the season hasn't begun yet, so I'd be surprised if any team would even return a call for one of their top 3 starters.  The Cards will have to bring a dude up or trade for a .500-at best pitcher.

So, let's talk about how Zito can fit into this mix:

  1. Zito has never missed a start due to injury, and only one due to sucky.  Every pitcher in the St. Louis has had arm surgery.
  2. Generally, over the course of his massively effedup tenure with the Giants, Z's been a 2nd half guy.  Last year, he was a first half guy.  This year, maybe he can actually put two decent halves together.
  3. Zito is a similiar pitcher to Wainwright.
  4. The Giants would entertain all offers for Z, including and up to a very nice picture of dogs and cats frolicking together, hand drawn by Tony LaRussa himself.
like this, only sketched in pencil or charcoal, with the animals holding balloons and hands and without the looks of general malaise plastered on their faces

Downsides to the Cardinals:

  1. Over the last 3 years, the Pirates are the only NL Central team against which Zito's ERA is under 4
  2. Oh, and there is the gigantic white elephant wearing a top hat and monocle lighting cigars with dollar bills over there in the corner.  All 3 years worth of that elephant.
oh yeah, he's on a ball too

Tony LaRussa thinks he can find the replacement in camp (or settle for Kevin Millwood........I wouldn't take Kevin Millwood), but hopefully he knows that the offer is on the table.

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