Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Old Man and the B

Anyone listening to KNBR during the PM drive time yesterday, heard the venerable and wonderfully insightful Marty Lurie filling in for Ralph and Tom.

And you heard about four hours of the old man calling out Brian Wilson for hopping 'cross the desert to spend some time with Charlie Sheen as a "consultant" for the upcoming Major League 4 (which probably is under the working title of ML4: Hey, We Got Charlie Sheen to do the Movie Again?  Somebody Call Snipes -- He's Not Doing Anything Either....Is Corbin Bernsen Still Alive?)

Anyway, Old Man Lurie got his Grandpa Simpson on bitchin' about how B-Weezy's not practicing because he's hurt, but he can jet quickly to LA for a wild weekend with the Hooker-Luvin', Drug Snorting, Denise Richards-dumpin' party boy from Lucas

First of all, I smell Showtime's new knock off reality show behind this jaunt.
Secondly, It's the 21st Century: fellas (especially specialists like Wilson) don't have to train with the team every weekend.
And C, It's not 1986 anymore, and this ain't the set of Young Guns -- I'm sure Charlie Sheen is not doing coke parties, not with cameras present anyways. 

That being said, I know where Marty's coming from.  And, if this trip does end up as an episode of the Showtime Original Series San Francisco Giants: Fall of a Champion, I am a little more pissed off about this stupid TV show.

I don't like the idea of this show, I don't think it's necessary and I just think it ends up as a big effin' distraction.  Nothing good ever came from all-access to a baseball club, just like no good ever came from giving a pitcher $20 mill/year.

So, to recap: Less concerned about the trip, more concerned about the Hollywood producers behind the trip.

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